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Message 1
From: guadalupe victorica reyes
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 16:37:47 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37582] send prints since September by US mail
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Hello Benny: I send my prints from Arizona in September 16. I thought I had a confirmation from you but I do not see my name in the list. The package was send with my name and my husbands Hector Cadena with an envelop to be returned to Laredo Texas. I am worried.

Thank you and Best Regards, Guadalupe
Dra. Guadalupe Victorica
Arte Desarrollo Humano
Primer Convocatoria Internacional Grabados por la Paz México 2008
Primer Colectiva Internacional de Grabado 2009
Prints for Peace 2008, First International Printmaking Colective 2009
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Message 2
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 17:46:21 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37583] RE: Exchange 38
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Oh great! You guys broke Benny right before Christmas and all. I can't
believe you broke her.

And all the King's horses and all the King's men, couldn't put together my
coordinator again.

Seriously, let's not anyone panic, yell, and or whine. If your prints
haven't arrived at your coordinator's hands 4 weeks after the deadline,
well.YOU BROKE BENNY!!!! Oh darn, that wasn't serious again. Now you have to
live with the fact that you broke a perfectly good functioning coordinator.
Tsk, tsk.might want to think twice, NO, three times about the meaning of the
word: deadline, or coordinator's headache, or responsibility.

Okay seriously, I'm handling this off list, with SUPER-GLUE! Prints will be
returned, coordinator's will be fixed, and everyone in the world will be
happy again.I think I already hear the birds singing--oh shoot, excuse me,
one of my cats has a bird cornered in the studio rafters, no wonder all the
darned singing...

Okay seriously seriously, coordinating is a trying job, mostly because you
are suddenly made responsible for handling 900 prints and 30 artists, I
don't know which is more daunting. But the fact is that a late exchange
reflects on the coordinator if they care at all, and that's bad news. But
it's not a huge deal, so everyone go back to your studios and try hard to
make the next one a bit more pleasant for the coordinator.

Here are some reminder pages:


Be happy everyone!!!



Maria Arango


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Posted by: Dean Clark

So, after almost a year of planning, the first ever wedding of two Graphic Chemical employees has happened. Oh, it's not the first time that two GC employees were married (e.g Susan and me, my parents, Sarah and Pete, the Snyders and a few others), but the first time that two employees got married.
Liz and Josh managed, despite a few obstacles, to tie the knot on November 8th. It was a glorious affair marred only by the inconsiderate boor who not only left his cell phone on in Church, but actually had a call during the service! He had a very distinctive ring tone, so the assignment of blame was immediate and conclusive. The ring tone was a tune called Suicide is Painless which as many of you know as the theme song to M*A*S*H.
What makes the story even better, the father of the bride (that would be me for those of you operating without a genealogy chart) is addicted to M*A*S*H - possibly being the world's foremost expert thereof - and actually has the theme song as his ring tone!
That's right, my blasted phone rang twice during the service because I couldn't get it turned off quickly enough! It actually rang six more times before we left Church, but at least by then I had it on vibrate. Afterwards, a friend asked me who had called since everyone I knew was at the wedding. It turns out that I have made some unsavory acquaintances in my years of quasi-politics. The most unsavory would not be the obvious politicians currently in jail, or headed there, but rather the reporters who helped put them there. It was, in fact a reporter, who was actually just looking for someone else to confirm a story! She did, by the way, get the story wrong anyway.
During the father-of-the-bride speech later in the afternoon, no fewer than three of my friends tried calling me. My story (and I'm sticking with it) is that the phone was on as a courtesy to President-elect Obama. If he called offering me a post like Secretary of Education or Defense, I didn't want him to have to deal with voice mail.
In about five years or so, I expect that Susan will begin to see the humor of the situation ...maybe.

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Subject: Like Getting Free Stuff?
Posted by: Marissa L. Swinghammer

Dark Branches
Originally uploaded by
Then check out my contest!

Spend $20 or more (including shipping) in my shop between now and Xmas and be entered to win a prize worth $80. You pick the 8x10 print ($60 value) of your choice and I will make up the rest. Consider it a holiday present for yourself. I will choose from my sales list on the day after Christmas and draw one randomly.

This offer is good on Etsy and on Art Fire.

And remember; Register on for $7 a month for life.

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Posted by: Diane Cutter

'Tropical Calm' ~~ 'Serenidad Tropical'
Oil 5"x7" ~~ Oleo 13cm x 18cm

Recently I returned to oil painting. I'm having a one-woman show in February and will be combining my smaller woodcuts with small paintings. It will be fun curating my prints to fit with the 'ocean' paintings.

My husband liked this so much that it will be our yearly Christmas card, saving me the trouble of doing a woodcut... (which would probably have been ready to mail out after Three Kings Day-January 6).


Recientemente empeze de nuevo pintando en oleo. En febrero tendre una exhibicion sola y planeo combinar mis grabados en madera con pinturas pequenas. Seria interesante combinar los grabados con pinturas del mar.

A mi marido le gusto tanto que sera nuestro tarjeta de Navidad este ano, asi ahorandome el tiempo de no hacer un grabado... que seria bueno porque probablemente serian listas para el correo despues del Dia del los Reyes Magos.

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