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  • Subscriptions to 'Baren-Suji' are open to anyone, not just members of the [Baren] forum. If you have in interest in woodblock printmaking, or in reading about what printmakers are doing, please feel free to subscribe.
  • Current plans are for Baren-Suji to be issued on a quarterly basis ( April, July, October and January). Subscriptions entered here will start with the next issue.
  • Your email address will of course not be used for anything other than sending you the newsletter.
  • This form can be used for starting a subscription, cancelling one, for changing the address under which you are subscribed, or for changing which version you subscribe to - just select the appropriate section of the form.
  • Note to members of [Baren] - notification of the publication of each issue will of course be made on the forum, but you will need to leave your email address here, in order that the editors will know which version to send to you ...


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Email delivery of the full HTML version, containing text and illustrations. If you have a normal, modern email reader, capable of reading HTML formatted mail, this is the option to select. (Note that no image 'attachments' will be included with the newsletter - it uses embedded links to images on the web.)

Email delivery of a simple notification that the newest issue is ready, with a link to the page on the [Baren] web site where it can be viewed. Select this option if you wish simply to be 'kept in touch' with the new issues - you can then read them on the web later at your leisure.

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