Piet Meijers Bookplate

The block has been darkened with ink so that I can see the cuts
that I have made. I have written the letters in reverse on the
block and carefully engraved around the letters of the name.

I have sketched the roses and started to engrave them.

More roses

I have left the roses for now and added the wall, meadow
and some small trees.

I enjoyed engraving the church and now I move on to sketch
the clouds and sky. As you see, I make a few marks on the block
and add the detail "freehand".

More work on the sky.

I have added more texture to the sky. I will then go back to the
foreground and the block will soon be ready to take the first proof.

By the way, this is where I work. Time for a break!

I pulled the first state and was pleased. As you see, I have identified lots of work.
My first states are usually a little "flat" and I need to let more light into the image,
as well as clearing unwanted marks.

I have nearly finished the clearing and I will pull the second state today (07.v.05).