Exchange #8

Welcome to the 8th print exchange sponsored by [Baren], the international woodblock forum. There was no theme for this exchange. You will find a wonderful array of works. As the coordinator, I want to say what a joy it has been to unwrap each set of prints and to see the variety of subjects and styles. This, for me, is the heart of [Baren]: to delight in and to share the wonders of woodblock prints.

Ray Hudson, exchange coordinator
Middlebury, Vermont

Eight print folios. . . with nearly thirty prints each. . . comes to more than two hundred different images. And with that edition size of thirty, a bit of multiplication tells me that there have now been nearly 6000 prints created for [Baren] folios! Just think about all the hours of work that went into the creation of this collection of prints - the hours of sketching and considering potential designs, the hours of carving, the hours of printing all those copies. . . . It's a good thing we enjoy doing this!

I hope you enjoy this collection of prints; I myself think that most of the pleasure is in the making, but perhaps you the viewer will have a different idea!

Tokyo, March 2001

David Bull
Founder, [Baren] Forum


Special thanks to member Ray Hudson for coordinating this exchange.