Exchange #39

AEleen Frisch, Coordinator

39 montage

Details of [Baren Exchange #39]

  • Medium: Moku-hanga. Traditional Japanese polychrome (multi-color) wood block print - hand rubbed with baren, multi-block, water color pigments brushed on block, Japanese printmaking paper, kento registration.
  • Theme: Self-portrait/Tree combined in any creative way
  • Image size: Any size and orientation within the paper
  • Paper size: 1/3 O-bosho known as: O-Tanzaku -- a sheet measuring 6.6 by 15 inches (16.75 x 38 cm). The traditional size of printmaking paper in old Japan was O-bosho -- the size of two O-ban sheets... The O-bosho sheet can be cut to make three O-tanzaku.
  • Paper type: Washi, any Japanese printmaking paper
Download colophon here pdf

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