Exchange #29

Julie Sparks, Coordinator

Details of [Baren Exchange #29]
    • Medium: woodblock print (hand rubbed or pulled on a press, B&W or colour, any pigments, any paper)
    • Theme: The Nude
    • Image size: no restriction
    • Paper size: Oban about 15 x 10 inches (38 x 25.5cm).
    • Paper type: no restriction
    • Registration period: One month starting April 1 , 2006
    • Delivery deadline for finished prints: August 1, 2006

Exchange Manager 's comments:

This was an immensely popular exchange that fostered a full additional set of prints in a full Exchange 29a. The human body seems to bring the best out of the artist, I think; maybe it is an artistic journey or "going back to the bare self," maybe just simply reminiscent of the nude drawing classes we all once took.

Whatever the psychology behind it, seems every artist through the ages has at one time or another has undertaken the exquisite task of portraying the nude. Enjoy this incredible set!

Notes: A heartful 'thank you' to Darrell Madis for scanning and formatting the images.
Julie Sparks, the coordinator, did a wonderful job on gathering information and outputting the colophon.
To view or download a .pdf copy of the colophon, click pdf