Princess Rashid, Jacksonville, Florida USA

''Negro es Bello-La Figura/Black is Beautiful -The Figure''

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Artist's comments ...

    This Linocut was printed with Daniel Smith Burnt Sienna ink on Masa Paper.

    Elizabeth Catlett is a printmaker and sculptor. She has influenced me for many reasons. I tend to be attracted most to printmakers who also carve in three dimensions like Catlett and Jim Dine. I chose to make a print after Catlett's sculpture, 'La Figura', because I believe it most reflects her as a woman and artist. 'La Figura' is the body of a mature woman and is thus somewhat autobiographical.

    Catlett is an artist produced by the fruits of the Harlem Renaissance. As a ex-patriot living in Mexico since the 1950's she has continued to work and produce graphics and sculptures that have social and political relevance.

    The title comes from one of the main themes of her work-'Black is Beautiful/Negro es Bello'.

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