Harry French, Lincoln, England UK

'Tribute to William Blake (1757-1827)'

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Artist's comments ...

    A four colour reduction Linoleum cut
    Print size 20cm x 33cm
    Paper : Japanese Kenoku

    I was 15 years old when I went with my art college to see our first contemporary art exhibition at a provincial gallery. There was a half hour to wait on the return and we were invited to wander through the rather gloomy Victorian exhibition rooms. In the corner was a very small print that on a closer look sent shivers down my spine. It was of God, the architect (Ancient of Days) measuring time with a large white compass : it was by William Blake.

    The print was a “relief” etching, hand coloured. I knew William Blake as a children’s poet and writer of our national hymn “Jerusalem”. I did not know he was a printmaker.

    Since that day he has been an inspiration and I hold him in high esteem.

    In my print tribute I have symbolically put him on a high semi-classical column.

    On the floor lying around him are fallen idols including the commedia dell arte who often lead me down the paths to nowhere. In the background are peacock feathers watching and guarding the gates to our paradise.

    William wears, of course, his famous cap of Liberty.

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