Exchange #11
This is another in the series of 'themed' exchanges produced by members of the [Baren] forum for woodblock printmaking. If you've already browsed through the images, it wouldn't have taken you long to figure out just what theme was set this time - although if you guessed 'Flowers' you would have been slightly off; the theme was actually 'Flora'.

Whether due to this relatively 'easy' theme or not we can't say, but sign-up for this particular exchange moved along very quickly - it seems that quite a number of [Baren] members are also gardeners, and looked forward to a chance to combine their two passions in one activity! And of course the schedule this time - the exchange took place during the winter - meant that they had the time for it!

The participants and I invite you to browse our floral collection; We think you will find something here for every season ...

Tokyo, February 2002

David Bull
Founder, the [Baren] Forum

Special thanks to Michelle Morrell for coordinating this exchange.