Exchange #10

It is a great pleasure to present the collection of woodblock prints from the 10th Exchange of the [Baren] Forum. This exchange was open themed, the only requirement being that the paper dimension be of chu-ban size (22cm x 27cm). Participants from six nations, united by their joy of creating through the media of woodcut, have carved, printed and shared a bit of themselves. Hope you enjoy viewing our work.

Lynita Shimizu
Coordinator for Exchange 10

A perfect 'ten' for the [Baren] group! Who would have thought that we would have come this far - completing ten major exchange folios in only a couple of years! Certainly not the half-dozen of us who started the forum back in 1997. The idea back then was simply to talk about printmaking, exchange information, and get to know each other. Little did we know what we were getting into! But things have a way of moving in directions one cannot forsee, and I have to admit that this incredible stream of woodblock prints being produced in our exchange program has to be the most wonderful 'side-effect' one could ever imagine!

The participants and I invite you to browse the collection; we are sure you will find something here to your taste ...

Tokyo, August 2001

David Bull
Founder, the [Baren] Forum

Special thanks to Lynita Shimizu for coordinating this exchange.