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About the [Baren] Awards programs

The [Baren] forum has always prided itself on being a completely non-competitive organization of printmakers; the [Baren] Exchanges are open to any member, greenhorn or pro, and discussions on the forum itself are completely free-flowing, with input coming from both ends of the 'experience' spectrum.

But although we have consciously avoided any competitive activities, we have come to realize that an important part of our function is the promotion and encouragement of woodblock printmaking among those who have 'not yet seen the light', and it is in this area that we feel such things as awards to young printmakers can have a useful function.

As we absolutely wish to maintain our own 'non-competitive' structure, we do not hold competitions ourselves, but do wish to support venues where developing printmakers can expose their work. To that end, we have initiated a policy of 'endowing' prizes and awards for woodblock prints entered in organized shows.

[Baren] awards take the form of cash (or gift certificate) prizes made to prints entered in specific venues (see list below). [Baren] acts basically as a sponsor of the prizes, and as a venue for helping publicize the events; details such as qualification, entry and judging are handled by representatives of the particular organization in question. Cash prizes are awarded on a 'no strings attached' basis; gift certificate prizes are redeemable for woodblock print related supplies purchased through the [Baren] Mall.

[Baren] awards are funded in their entirety by donations from members and anybody with an interest in helping promote woodblock printmaking activities. (The non-profit status of the [Baren] organization allows many of these donations to be tax-deductible.) Information on how you can help support these programs can be found below.


At present the following prize awards are supported by [Baren]. The link found with each item will take you to a page with further information, and details of past winners of the award, along with images of their work.

Note to [Baren] members: if you aware of any other suitable venues for [Baren] to make similar awards, please contact a Council member with the information ...

How the Awards are Funded

As mentioned above, these awards are funded by donations from [Baren] members and other interested parties. Please note that all money donated goes directly to the awards; our general revenues from other activities ([Baren] Mall, etc.) cover all administration expenses.

The easiest way to participate in sponsorship of these awards is to visit the Donations and Sponsorships page of the [Baren] Mall, where you can use your credit card to make an instant donation anytime. (For US citizens: the Mall Manager will then get in touch with you to arrange the details of your tax receipt.)

We are very proud of being able to assist developing woodblock printmakers through this Awards Program, and hope that you will consider helping us in these efforts!

Thank you.

The [Baren] Council


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