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Message 1
From: Melissa West
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2012 12:10:59 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45961] Re: Yahoo groups

There should be a link at the bottom of the Yahoo group emails that allows you to select the digest version, but there will still be a lot of email activity.

Another option is configuring a 'mail filter' in your inbox that routes the mailing list's messages to a separate mail folder. It gets the noise out of your Inbox, and collects all the messages nicely in a separate mail folder so you can catch up with the group when you want to, and then you can scan the subject lines for what interests you.

I'm not a big fan of Yahoo group emails myself, but still want to get the Baren news. And it *is* easier on our lovely volunteer admins!

Melissa West
816 Hanover St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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Message 2
From: Eileen Corder
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2012 12:20:17 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45962] Re:Yahoo groups

Oscar asked, "Is the cybernetic age worth it?"

The web slowly transforms people's view of what is normal. Yahoo groups is
but a further modification of our behavior, expectations, and level of

Cyberspace is a place where one shines. It is also a place where one is
accepted or rejected. I cannot get youtube/videos on my computer and so for
years have had to be content with not being able to participate with what
many of you take for granted. Because of changes in the web and my very slow
dial-up connection (some people don't even know what that is!) I can hardly
get anything now.

Marvels do abound here, but at a cost to our planet and our sanity. The
earth is our mother and without her life perishes.

You may protest my feelings, but try to open up to what others experience.
And, do not be bewitched by what is not real.

This is all just my own ego-centered rantings. Please excuse them.

Good luck to everyone.
Peace to everyone.
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Message 3
From: Carol Chapel
Date: September 2, 2012 12:28:36 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 459563] Re: Yahoo groups

To all who are getting too many emails from Yahoo!, please double check your settings.
I'm getting one email a day after indicating I wanted a daily digest. I hope you can too.
I think you can also check that you want none and then you go to Yahoo! if you want to find
out what is going on. This really should be easier on the volunteers.

Hang in there. It will be worth it.


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Message 4
From: "Ellen Shipley"
Date: September 2, 2012 12:49:43 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45964] Re: Yahoo groups

Settings are really easy to personalize. I have some Yahoo lists that I
only read online and I get no emails from them. Others I want individual
emails but I funnel them into their own folders so my inbox never sees them.
Or you can get a daily digest and that really means only one a day.

But you have to go to your groups page and change the settings manually.
You can always go back and reset them if you change your mind. 8-]

a long-time Yahoo groups user; I even have one of my own
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Message 5
From: "Barbara Mason"
Date: September 2, 2012 12:49:43 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45965] RE: woodblock slideshow

Well, this will work....
Those of us on the admin side are getting about 100 a day but just sorting and deleting. It is pretty fast and will slow down once everyone is moved to the new list.
Hang in there folks...I am already really enjoying the work uploaded to the folders...what fun to see them
my best
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Message 6
From: "Julio Rodriguez"
Date: September 2, 2012 1:01:49 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45966] Baren-Suji Blog Update

Updated the Baren blog this morning with a short video on Thomas Bewick and wood engraving.....

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Message 7
From: "Maria Arango Diener"
Date: September 2, 2012 2:34:08 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45967] Re: the cybernetic age worth it?

Is Baren worth it? It is primarily a "web" entity, is it real? I have met Baren members, they are real. Our friendship is real, we hug, we made 600 prints together earlier this year, really did.

City of the world is a real block of wood and a real connection between 102 people from all over the world made up entirely in cyberspace. Magic!

Cyberspace is what an individual makes it to be, dial up or on an iPhone. It is a good thing either way, it connects us, right now as we are speaking, and it can be flicked off with a switch when it bothers us.

Marvels abound in nature and some people never take a walk in the woods, as they abound in cyberspace where some choose not to venture. There are wolves and cliffs too, in both places.

It's all good, however much or little any one chooses to walk about.

Sent from my iPad
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Message 8
From: "Marilynn Smith"
Date: September 2, 2012 2:50:39 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45968] New Digest

You must be kidding. That new format for the digest is awful. The old
one you could just sit down and read and enjoy, this is horrid. If you
don't get the digest than you are stuck with tons of separate emails.
I think it is time to leave Baren. If this is progress and an
improvement than I am not sticking around to see what other hideous
change you can bring about.

I won't be joining in, not into clicking and going to see and read. I
might stay and wait for an exchange notice to come through, otherwise
I can use the delete button. Than again, Baren has been a great and
ground breaking group. Perhaps it is time to leave, its usefulness is
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Message 9
From: "Barbara Mason"
Date: September 2, 2012 3:19:18 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45969] New Digest

We will miss you
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Message 10
From: "Bea Gold"
Date: September 2, 2012 3:30:14 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45970] New Digest

Wow Marilyn - not like you to be so crabby. I hope you are OK. Tough times.
A big thanks needs to go to those trying to make things better no matter how
sucessful. Things take time to work out kinks in any change so try to be
patient and don't leave. Bea Gold
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Message 11
From: "Graham Scholes"
Date: September 2, 2012 5:17:43 PM EDT
Subject: [Baren 45971] New Digest

You should be patient and hang in there for a little while to give it a fair trial....
What you described is known to me, however one does become use to the change...
and don't we hate change.

It's my hope that Yahoo has cleaned up thier act with regards the need to sign in about every two week.
If not that was most bothersome when I was involved with another forum....