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Message 1
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 15:53:01 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45771] Re: woodblock and printer
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I'm wondering if glassine will work in an ink jet printer just like the transfer paper. I will get around to trying it one of these days when things ease up a bit around here. Right now I have a houseful of kids and grandkids and there is never a creative moment - or when one sneaks in I am too exhausted to take advantage of it!

Cheers ~
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Message 2
From: Ray Esposito
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 16:20:22 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45772] Re: New Old Member
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Hi Doll

Thanks for the welcome. I have two reasons for rejoining. First is to meet and exchange info with old friends. Second is to get back to wood blocks. I find so much inspiration in Baren it makes me want to carve. I have not neglected wood. I have done a number of cut wood assemblages (CWA) which do not qualify for Baren. One was a tribute to my favorite artist - next to you of course - Helen Frankenthaler. A ten print interpretation of her work in editions of 10. Three plates are finished. Another CWA was a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King. These areten original works - really weird but a couple won prizes - in an edition of 35. Plates completed but not yet printed. The third is a tribute to JoeWaldrum, a personal friend who passed away last year. Again ten prints off of his etchings which I am just beginning. These may be wood block. Both Frankenthaler and Waldrum were excellent wood cut artists. Both deserve such
tributes.Baren is the place to honor them. Joe was a true character. He always painted naked (the title of his bio) and when people asked about it he simply said, I do not like clothes. Kind of limits visitors to the studio though. More later.
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Message 3
From: Ray Esposito
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 18:08:15 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45773] Re: New Old Member
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Thanks for the welcome. I have learned a lot from my past mistakes and they were legion. In the past I put emphasis on the gallery to cover expenses for the shop. That was just plain stupid. My only excuse for suchmis-steps was thatBaren members and others donated a lot of prints and also contributedart for The Brass Ring Society that I wanted to show my thanks and respect by trying to sell their work. The way to do it is the exact reverse. Hope the gallery covers some of the expenses and stress the shop - which will be called Print House after my first gallery/printshop in Snow Hill, Maryland.

The shop will not be all things to all people. It will include monotype/monoprint, drypoint and the wood arts (wood block, wood cut and cut wood assemblages). When practicable in the future it will include solar plate. That's enough. It will also be toxic free. The shop will offer classes (with invited instructors, including Baren), publish editions, and offer shop time for a fee. As always, 100% of proceeds after expenses will be donated to The Brass Ring Society which is still going after 30 years. I often wonder how. Represented artists work will be sold through the gallery at 50/50. The shop is actually easier to market through art associations,universities and the publicwhen it is the only game in town (Omaha) then galleries that have a lot of competition.

The problem with opening such a complex again is I understand the cost. Raising $50,000-$100,000 again in this economy will not be easy. I am selling the balance of my art collection (much of it has already been sold to raise money for the kids) through a friend London but there will be plenty left over for sale here. Iwill put together a limited partnership or two (which was my profession before I ever thought about being an artist or working with special needs children.

BTW - I visited your web site before rejoining Baren and am still amazed with your talent. I also noted your diatribe about glicee is still fierce. I agree with every word. Could I get permission to reproduce it for my gallery wall so visitors could understand what glicee is ready all about. All Baren members should take the time to visit Graham's site and read it.

BTW2 - Can someone tell me what is the difference between a web site and a blog? I am setting up a web page on ArtSpan and this question has always puzzled me. Mr. Mundie?
Ray Esposito
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Message 4
From: Graham Scholes
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 20:01:58 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45774] Re: New Old Member
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Thanks for the info Ray.

You are welcome to use the "tirade" about Giclee prints... I tried hard to make it informative and yet put it in the category it deserves.... If you are going to use it as information in your new venture then I guess it is not too fierce.... You should have seen it 5 years ago.... the page was with brown burn marks.... (
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Message 5
From: Gayle Wohlken
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 20:32:46 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45775] Posting to Baren
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Bareners, please remember -- our friendly, more chitchat type messages go to Baren After Five. In fact, Baren After Five hasn't been very active lately, and it would be fun to see it revived. Posting to Baren just once a day (i.e. once per daily digest) is still a rule we'd like us all to stick to as much as possible. Thanks!

Baren Moderator/Archivist

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Subject: Arts of Japan series : print #3 - printing step 2
Posted by: Dave Bull

Today's single impression (!) looks pretty much the same as yesterday's:

... but if we zoom up, we can see a bit of difference:

The idea is simply to print this a bit roughly. I don't want my typical smooth impression for this print, and tried (not so successfully actually, as at least one webcam viewer this morning can testify!) to produce a bit of mottled tone. One reason I had trouble with doing that was that this block is a wonderfully smooth one, with just the perfect ability to drink in the pigment mix and give it back to the paper on demand from the baren.

But the reverse side of the block, which I hadn't used because it was such poor quality, seemed as though it would work better for this purpose, so I quickly cut out the shape and tried it, and it did indeed give me basically the kind of tone I want.

But this is still nowhere near 'rough' enough for what I would like to have for this scroll, so the next two impressions will have to be done in a bit more slipshod manner for sure!

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