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From: Lawrence H Pinto
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2012 12:53:50 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45664] mi-lab artist-in-residence program in Japan: a participant's experience
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Dear Baren People,

I'm now in the middle of an mi-lab artist-in-residence program for people beginning to do water based printing with a baren, and I've learned that there will be a program for mid-career artists in the fall. The application deadline is July 10, and I wanted to let everyone know that the program is terrific. Here's the link to the description:

The program is housed in a delightful, large building that used to be a traditional inn for groups of people. It is located in Kawaguchi, about 1.5 hours by bus from the middle of Tokyo, and it's at the base of Mt. Fuji, altitude ca. 1 km. Thus, although the rest of Japan is sweltering with hot, humid weather, it's been very nice here, and we've even been using jackets in late June. Five of us ate in a local restaurant tonight for an average of 600 yen each (80 yen to the US$). The building has a commercial kitchen with large, functioning frig, freezer, commercial stoves, rice cookers, pots, dishes, etc. (We usually cook together.) The rooms are all tatami rooms but the bedrooms have beds. It's a 5 min walk to Lake Kawaguchi (Kawaguchi-ko) and a 4 min walk to the entrance to a trail through a national forest. The forest is a treasure with a hidden away shrine and temple completely surrounded by trees, way up at the top of a hill (ca 500 steps on the trail).

The instruction has been spectacular. The three outside instructors have been all taught people like us before, all three of them at the Awaji Island 3 month residencies. They have been here 2-3 days each and they have really taught all of us a lot. They have been patient, clearly knowledgeable, and flexible. They have shown an interest in the progress of the students and they have made all of us comfortable with the process. Keiko Kadota has been here the whole time to translate when necessary, but the instructors have done very well with English. Keiko has also been very good in teaching us informally about a lot of things that are related to this art form. She has been making a study of the types of paper, types of baren and cutting tools, methods for sharpening the tools, and the culture of the artists who practice this art form. The instruction includes many things that one needs to work independently, such as tool sharpening and repair and re-covering the baren with bamboo. These are just two examples of things that have been presented to us that I had no idea that I needed to know and am glad to know about. For me, one of the most important concepts that I learned is one I've been struggling with for a few years and have written to the forum about, how to take a drawing into a print. I learned from the instructors that the goal is not to make a copy of the drawing but to take the features of this method and apply them to the rough idea of the drawing and make something beautiful that may well differ considerably from the drawing. I would not have been able to figure this out, with worked examples, had I not come here. We're at the half-way mark now and are starting independent study while Keiko Kadota is here with us to help or ask advice of others if needed.

The other participants are all more experienced than I am, and they have been very happy with the material as well.

Our 'beginning' group was supplied with a complete set of professional grade carving tools, two barens and a set of watercolor and gouache pigments. In addition, we were supplied with rolls of machine made washi paper (natural and white) for 'practice' and a set of about 20 very fancy hand made 100% kozo washi from various sources. I recommend it highly to anyone who is in a position to apply. The program really treats you as if it wants you to return home and be successful, be independent, and promulgate this art form. As a (now retired) educator, I have to say that "It doesn't get any better than this."


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