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Subject: Arts of Japan series : print #1 - more keyblock carving
Posted by: Dave Bull

A very long day of work on the block today ... not all that many square centimetres involved, but actually quite a lot done:

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Subject: Woodblock Print: Fairy Woods in Winter (version 2)

This print is based on a photograph taken in central Illinois by my Gran.  Several years ago she sent it to me, with a title written on the back "Faerie Woods in Winter." She did not like the cold, but would always comment on how sparkling and beautiful the snow looked on a sunny day.  I like to think that she would like my interpretation.     

Title: Fairy Woods in Winter (Version 2)
Paper: Rives BFK White
Paper Size: 12" x 16"
Image Size: 10" x 14"
Block: Shina--5 blocks
Ink: Akua Intaglio
Edition size: 45

Below are photos of the blocks, in the order that they were printed.  Though it was printed last, I actually carved the black, tree block first.  Then, I printed it on Yupo (a recyclable, synthetic, non-obsorbent paper) and transferred it to the other blocks.  That is why you can see the trees prints on some of the color blocks. 
Pale yellow sun-- a mixture of yellow and titanium white

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Subject: Pas de Ducks... the big finish
Posted by: Sherrie Y

As usual, the process of finishing a reduction print slowed down as more layers of ink were applied and drying times increased. But I think we're finally there...

When we last left our feathered heros, the pattern of the water reflection was just getting established. Here's a little reminder, in case you forgot:

Color 17 (again)

This was, quite surprisingly, color 17 for the image. A new Sherrie record. Thankfully there aren't seventeen colors stacked up over the entire surface of the image, or I would have pulled my hair out long before now.

The next pass was another blue... (why not?)

Color 18, and hmmm... I think this was shot
in the evening under entirely artificial light, don't you?

And then... well... it's difficult to see in this shot and this light. My new 8-inch brayer was put to work applying a transparent gray that blended cool-to-warm from top to bottom. Just to keep things from looking too flat.

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