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Subject: Arts of Japan series : print #1 - carving begins
Posted by: Dave Bull

Back to the bench, at last!

(entry continues here ...)

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Subject: Recycled Leftovers
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Finally.  Nothing like a pressing deadline to get me, er, pressing.

Foggy ("The fog comes on little cat feet.") is what I'm going to use for the Leftovers III exchange. It's made up of two blocks -- the background, an historic woven coverlet pattern called "Cat Tracks and Snail Trails" or "Catspaw," and the cat block, which is an homage to our late cat Foggy.

Leftovers III uses up leftover pieces of printmaking paper, and I like the idea of using  "recycled" blocks for it.  Here's the original print:

I'll play with the blocks.  Print the coverlet block, then add the cat, maybe at an angle.  I'll see what moves me.  Maybe play around with colors.

Took me awhile to find the blocks.  I'm certainly not an organized printmaker.  ;- j  I knew they were somewhere at the bottom of a basket-o-blocks, and they were.  Found some others I'd wondered where they'd gotten to, so it was a productive morning's spelunking.

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Subject: The Official MCPP Print Party for the City of the World
Posted by: Maria

Here we go!!!
Everyone that can attend is invited to the great City of the World Print Party. If you live nearby or just want to drop by, bring an apron!!!

WHEN: Wednesday April 11 through Friday April 13, 2012, times TBA

WHERE: Atelier Meridian in Portland Oregon USA

WHO: So far we have Sharri LaPierre, Barbara Mason, Doug Haug and Maria (that's me). Others have inquired, everyone invited.

HOW: However it works out! Everyone responsible for their own transportation and lodging. We will get up early, stay late and work until 600 prints are printed.

We will have two presses available and going at once.
Good to have two people per press, better to have three and anyone extra can just "sub" when arms get tired. There's an inker, a paper layer and a press cranker; three vacant positions per press to be filled on a first come first served basis.
For extra hands there are available positions as block-carvers, prep-engineers, tweakers, lunch-gophers, paper taker-offer-from-the-blockers, cleaner-uppers... just all kinds of fun to be had.

This is Barbara Mason and Maria working in my studio with my old Patrick Press busily printing Puzzle #1 a looooong time ago. Look at all those prints hanging!!!

Don't miss out!

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