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From: Elly Rubin
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 19:02:03 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45147] New Member: introducing myself
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Hello, I discovered Baren Forum through the McCLain's Printmaking
Supplies catalog where information about "Inspired by Japan" was
given. I am working on a similar project to support Japan's disaster
relief efforts: I used a print of mine to create a poster to raise
funds for Japanese Disaster Relief Fund-Boston. My poster project can
be seen at the blog I can best
introduce myself by sending you to my blog:
, to my website, and to my Eleanor Rubin
Face Book Page. I hope soon to be listed in "Who is Baren."
I look forward to getting to know the work of Baren Forum members.
Eleanor Rubin

Eleanor Rubin

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Subject: Knife set - first test production run of handles (part 3)
Posted by: Dave Bull

Still working through the first sample run of handles ... It's going so slowly because I'm still building some of these jigs as I go along. It will be very interesting to run a test batch once I'm done, and see just how long it takes to make these things.

Anyway, as we left off yesterday, the handles had been resawn and the parts needed to be sanded. Here's the setup:

(The coffee cup is optional ...)

I'll do the thicker of the two pieces flat on a sanding stick. No way will this go on the belt sander, as that would rip off way too much wood, and it would be very difficult to control for flatness. (Tape is for protection ...)

But I can't do the thin strip this way; it is too difficult to hold, and it would be very easy to lose the flatness - getting it 'dipped' at one corner, etc.

So it goes into this jig.

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