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Subject: What is a studio for? anyway
Posted by: Alynn Guerra

January is such a slow month in the studio. I am tired from having so many holiday sales, my stuff is all misplaced, I can't find any energy let alone inspiration to create, etc etc; so, by the end of the month I've got enough from my isolation and I need people. That's why I have parties, but that isn't very productive. Instead I am hosting drawing sessions called Drink and Draw, also I've been

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Subject: Here we go...
Posted by: Sherrie Y

Today's marathon printing session was successful enough that I think we're out of the "this could all fall apart at any moment" stages of the current print-in-progress. In other words, I feel like it's finally "safe" to take a bit of the mystery out of what's been going on in the studio.

This piece is the largest one I've worked on in a while: 12" x 18" (about 36 x 44cm), but the first stages were quite small. And they sort of blew the "surprise" aspect of a reduction print by giving away the main subject right away.

Yup. These are ducks. In a row.

Ah, but you might be wondering why, if this is a 12 x 18 print and I usually work using the reduction process, there is so much white paper showing in these first stages. Quite clever and observant you are!

The answer is that I didn't want to build up too much ink too quickly in the background. Transparency and luminosity are key to the overall image, so I wanted to leave the white of the paper as long as possible. Enter the stencil!

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