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Subject: Tech Talk About Printed George
Posted by: Annie B

This print will have a lot fewer color applications than most of the prints I make. It looks like there will be just five layers. The first three were background layers -- a yellow and then a couple of layers of brown along the edges, making a kind of circular bokashi (fade).


Onto this base I then printed the fourth layer, the George Washington block. I wanted the darker corners of the background to push his facial features forward a little.


One more layer to go.

Technically, this has been a hard piece to print. All of the money prints have been hard to print, actually, just because they're so large. Registration is difficult at this size and there's a lot of paper expansion as moisture gets added with successive overprintings.

There have been some issues with the paper I chose as well. My favorite paper for moku hanga has been Echizen Kozo from McClain's, but it costs between $27-$30 per sheet. I've used 50 sheets for these 5 prints, which would have cost me between $1350 and $1500 if I had used the Echizen Kozo. I couldn't afford it! Plus, McClain's has been out of stock on the Echizen Kozo for several months.

So I tried Shikoku White from Hiromi Paper, at $5.75 per sheet. This paper is a machine-made blend of pulp, kozo and hemp. It's great for the dollar bill series because it feels kind of like cotton, a little the way currency feels. It takes ink well, stands up to the baren, and the inks stay bright even when the paper dries, but there's one drawback: the Shikoku White has had a tendency to wrinkle and/or become wavy as I work with it. Here's a photo from the Prominent Printmakers show that just opened in New Hampshire:

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Subject: City Block - Faux Print
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Here we go.  Bill did the "laying on of hands" that always fixes my computer (mind you I did the same thing he did -- reseated a plug -- but I don't have the proper faith in computers that he does).  So my scanner is now working again and I can make a faux print (i.e., a black & white, mirrored image of the block to see what a print might look like).

Ok, now all I have to do is get a local paper to wrap it up in (part of the requirement) and then send it winging off to the City of the World Puzzle Project.

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Subject: Two-T states in the US
Posted by: Maria

Lynne Hubner from McKinney Texas USA says this about her city block:
Looking upwards to the trees, the buildings and sky our winged neighbors provide us with Good Fortune(Magpie), Peace(Dove), and Knowledge(Owl).

And Margaret Krakowiak in Nashville Tennessee USA sends this heart-felt contribution (you can almost hear them purring):

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