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From: Andrew Stone
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2012 14:13:25 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45083] sunken
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I don't know. If there is a copy of Hokusai's "the Great Wave", on board,
Perhaps it should stay underwater. I'm not far from where the boat sank and yes I'm a diver but although the results of an idiotic man/mistake it's still a tragedy. Lots of the dead simply couldn't swim and being trapped on a sinking boat within view from shore while the cabins filled with water at night.....a little too cIose to home for me.

I'll seek treasure elsewhere.

Andrew Stone
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Message 2
From: Diane Cutter
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2012 15:35:58 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45084] Re: Any divers in this group?
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I'm a diver and have helped with small sailboat salvage jobs. Unfortunately this is big business (because it's a huge ship) and usually is out for bid. Many salvors will base their claim upon a percentage of the value of the salvaged vessel. This can range from very little to a huge amount. Meanwhile they need to assure the ecological dangers, danger of ship movement to salvage personnel, etc. I fear those woodcuts will be pretty low on the totem regarding when (if ever) they are removed from that ship.


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Message 3
From: Graham Scholes
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2012 00:44:53 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45085] Re: Back to the Western hemisphere, way North and way South!
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Thanks or the suggestion sherri.

The image is a 26 ft sculpture near the back of our lot, 200 ft from the house.
It was a collaboration with my son Doug, 15 or so years ago. Before I put the
6ft sunflower on the top we would get feedback from pilots who flew over the
property... we are on one of the runway approaches ... wanting to know if
a plane had crashed into our property.... apparently it took on the appearance
from the air. You can see the image on Marn's website.... ....
go to Gardens on on that page you will see the sculpture.


PS Some will find Doug's site very interesting.
He has an exciting year coming up.... USA, UK, Italy.... art collaboration assignments.
My favourite is..... Target.... working on two houses (lefty and righty) in Detroit.
Have a look at this site.... click the images to work through
the site and find out what he is up to.....

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Subject: Cactus Fruit ~ Tunas del cacto
Posted by: Diane Cutter

'Cactus Fruit' ~ 'Tunas del cacto'
Pastel ~ 8"x10" / 20cm x 26 cm

I've been distracted from my art because of family, travel, and the holidays but am now back.  This pastel was a joy to do, especially since I'd been out of the studio these last two months.  What attracts me to the unlovely cactus are the simple shapes and dramatic shadows.   I also think that, even when I paint or use pastels, I think and plan like a black and white printmaker.

The Cities block is mailed off (more about that later) and the prints for another Baren exchange are drying and will be in the mail soon (more about that later also).  I now have a dragon woodcut to design and the almost daily postcard sizes paintings to begin again.
He estado bien distraida a causa de asuntos de familia, mucho viajar, y las fiestas navidenas pero ya estoy de vuelta.  Este pastel fue un placer hacer especialmente porque he estado fuera del estudio esos dos ultimos meses.  Lo que me da la atencion con el cacto tan feo con sus tunas son los contornos sencillos y las sombras dramaticas.  Tambien pienso que aun cuando pinto o uso pasteles pienso y planeo como si fuera un grabado en blanco y negro.

El bloque en madera para . . .
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Subject: Help wanted!
Posted by: Dave Bull

OK, Mokuhankan took a kind of big step today ... kind of by accident, too.

I was supposed to go to a small dinner party this evening, but the hostess phoned in the morning to let me know it was being postponed for a couple of weeks. There is a major flu thing happening here these days, and either one of the guests has already come down with it, or she is getting nervous about having a get-together in such circumstances. So instead of a pleasant evening of conversation with my friends in this geijutsu-ka guruupu ('gathering of people from the arts'), I suddenly find myself with a free evening.

'Free' being a relative term of course. I'm only part-way through the printing of the final batch of the final Mystique print, and the latest newsletter came back from the printer last night, so I now have to get the labels, etc. ready, so that the ladies can mail it out on Monday. Then the newsletter itself has to go onto the website, both English and Japanese versions, and also I have to get Tsushima-san's two new 'Debut Prints' into the Mokuhankan catalogue online, because once the newsletter starts arriving in people's mailboxes, the orders are going to start coming in ...

So those of you who are waiting for more news about the new knife set will have to wait just a bit longer, please. Today's news is on another front.

Given that I had the afternoon/evening 'off', I pulled out my list . . .
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Subject: Ovid Elsie Print Project
Posted by: Linda

Last December I was asked to do a demo of moku hanga for Ovid-Elsie National Arts Honor Society by teacher, Laura Weber.  It's one thing to do a demo but when in a school there has to be homework, right?  I gave the class small shina blocks from McClains Printmaking Supply and had them do a self portrait of their eye.  The worked on them over the holiday break, I picked them up a week ago and gluedd them down on a mat board.  This way they would all have each others work. Yesterday we printed.  A lot of the students had sports practices or drivers ed after school this day so it was a small class.  They all got to print a couple prints so that their classmates would have also one.

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Subject: Two more, Tennessee and Ottawa
Posted by: Maria

Andrew Gott from Chattanooga, Tennessee USA offers this:

Anyone who has spent time driving on virtually any highway in the southeast in the past has inevitably seen one of the iconic "Rock City" barns alongside the road, advertising the tourist attraction that the city I now call home is known for. While those of us who live here don't even give it a second thought, the distinctive profile of the mountain that rock city is perched on (Lookout Mountain) has stood above, and watched over, the city and it's inhabitants ever since it's founding, through many ups and downs. Now, the area is experiencing a renaissance, both culturally and economically, and while the iconic barns are slowly disappearing from the side of the road, Both Rock City, and Lookout Mountain- Still looking down at us as we progress into the future.

Debrah James Percival from Ottawa, Ontario CANADA says this about her piece:
I titled my block piece "The lookout on the Rooftop".  If I am wrong and the block piece is not a roof, well then I guess I can refer to it as "Snuggled In"

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Subject: All Carved and Ready to Print

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