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Subject: Mystique Series #18 : Printing done!
Posted by: Dave Bull

In the previous post, I included four of the printing steps for this image, and today we'll have four more. Tomorrow? There is no tomorrow ... we're done!

You might have to hunt around on this one to see what has changed from the previous step. It's a light tone on the cushions, and also adds some 'highlights' on small elements like drawer handles, etc.:

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Subject: Latest Projects, Grandson's First Relief Print, Year of the Dragon Cards & Baren Forum Exchange #51
Posted by: Phare-Camp

This is the first printing plate of 2012 for me; a 6x4" piece of battleship linoleum.  I've yet to print it.  Its said to be Quetzalcoatle, this bas relief is from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.  Full size photo can be seen at:

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