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Subject: Pieces Sold at the Show
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Our Garden Party Art Show was a great success!  I fear I talked people's heads off, but they were all kind enough to listen.

I sold three pieces at the show.  If I'd thought ahead I would have taken better pics of them.  ;-j

Once In a Blue Moon, woodcut

Paleo Dreams, monoprint

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Subject: Ishigami-san's progress ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

So far in these Conversations postings, I've been keeping you up to date with Tsushima-san's progress, but haven't said much about the second trainee here - Ishigami-san.

Partly this has been because she is basically doing the same sort of training work, simply a few 'rungs' further back on the ladder ... and how many images of the kagegami prints do you want to see?!

But over the past few sessions, it has become apparent that her built-in 'skill set' is different from the one that Tsushima-san has shown. For example, on Monday morning, I set her to work on making some copies of the famous Cat Bus image from the My Neighbour Totoro film:

(Before you ask, I have to say that no, I'm sorry we can't let you have any of these ... we have no rights to use this image commercially, and this is just for our own internal training ...)

i think there were maybe seven or eight sheets in her stack; I can't remember exactly. I got her started, and then turned to work with Tsushima-san on her project, not expecting to have to think about Ishigami-san for a while.

I was wrong. Maybe around a half-hour later, a bit more I guess, I turned to check on her, and found that she was done. Finished. All three impressions, on all the sheets. And they weren't half bad! (That's one of them, above.)

This lady is fast! Now there is a price being paid for that speed, and it . . .
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Subject: Still Life with Pigments and Quince
Posted by: Andrew Stone

Although I've been back from the Japan meeting since June--I haven't been able to get any new work started until now. I returned energized and really ready to take off and start some new work but the clinic, job, trying to clean up/close up my studio and house; pack a years worth of art supplies, etc. were too time consuming to do any art and once abroad, getting the rooms and suitcases unpacked and orderly is still a unending task. What's worse is that due to airline luggage restrictions and weight limits, I had to jettison (but at home at least) all my pigments and Akua colors for fear they might leak or be confiscated. So today I made a trip to the Art Supply Shop RIGACCI in the center of town to pick up some dry pigments.
This will be a first for me.
Prussian Blue, Ultramarine blue; Cadmium Yellow Light (they had only yellow ochre, an opaque looking Naples yellow and the Cadmiums); Carmine and Cadmium Red Light, Pthalo Green; Ivory black.
They are already VERY finely ground and were only 3-5 Euro ($5.00) for each 100g jar.
They also had some beautiful antique pigments--real Lapis lazuli, turquoise, cinnabar, etc but they were all 30-40$/jar and were too pricey for my budget.

I'm working on a small print 2.5" X 3.5" for the 50th Baren-forum exchange.
It's small work, even for . . .
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Subject: Opening Reception at Shiawassee Art Center
Posted by: Linda

We had a wonderful turnout for the opening reception of "Four Michigan Women Artists".  The works of Janet Baugher - encaustic photos and hand made jewelery, Cindy Evans - multi media paintings, Jane Cloutier's paper sculptures and my moku hanga prints make a very interesting and beautiful exhibit.

The exhibit runs through Nov. 5 at Shiawassee Art Center, 206 Curwood Castle Drive, Owosso.
Thanks to the the show sponsors: Dana & Patricia Cluckey, Gilbert's True Value Hardware, Wells Fargo Advisors, The Schluckebier/Hood Investment Team, and Young Buick-Cadillac-Chevrolet-GMC.

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