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From: Gayle Wohlken
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 20:09:20 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44153] Exchange #50 (Tiny Print Exchange) -- labels and postage
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One more thing that may be important for people new to exchanges. Do not forget to send a return mailing label and your $ for return postage. All of that is outlined in the rules. Please check this before you send your prints. This is going to be a big exchange with lots of chances for mistakes, some of which have started to happen already, via me. So make sure to follow the suggestions as listed in the rules. I won't be able to send your set of prints back to you without postage or a label. Check the rules here:

I am planning to send your prints back in the smallest priority postage boxes, and I have preordered 100 of these.

Thanks. If you have questions, email me at:

Gayle Wohlken
Exchange #50 Coordinator

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Subject: Just hanging around ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

The two printer-trainees were here yesterday morning, and we got a lot done together. But after they left, I wasn't able to close my front door ...

Bit of a story here ...

I have lots of bad habits. Of course we all do, nothing special there. But recently - since I 'opened up' the workshop to these other people, I have been thinking about my own habits, and how such things can set a precedent that will have ramifications down the years, and not all good!

Bit of a sidetrack ... I worked for many years in a music shop in Canada. We were mostly a wholesale outfit in the early years, selling to school music programs. Because of this business pattern, we had no actual 'shop', but worked out of a series of scruffy warehouses. And they were indeed scruffy; the boss was not a person much concerned with appearances, and 'Leave that broom alone ... just get on with the work!' may have been a phrase heard around the place sometimes.

As the years went by, the business took on the character of the boss, if you can see what I mean. It reflected his choices about what was important, and what wasn't. Nothing wrong with that, but when we spool ahead a number of years, to the point where the business had grown and transformed, and we had opened a retail shop ...

You can see where this is going.

OK, so Dave now sits here . . .
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Subject: Red Hybiscus
Posted by: Robert Simola

First proof of a 6" x 8" print on Stonehenge paper using rainbow rolls of various Graphic Chemical inks.
The key block is a cherry wood block.  Linoleum blocks were used for the colors.

This item is taken from the blog Robert Simola.
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