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Subject: YouTube 'Update' ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

I had an email (and a nice order!) this evening from a new fan of my work. Among other things, he mentioned that he had learned about my work by seeing a YouTube video.

I assumed that he meant that he had been watching something on my own (very small-scale) YouTube 'channel', but this turned out not to be the case. He sent me the link to the one he had watched - and it turned out to be a program from Japanese TV from nearly ten years ago:

Now this program is already on the web, on my own 'Woodblock Shimbun' website, but YouTube obviously attracts a lot more attention than! The program has been on the YouTube site for just around nine months, and has attracted over 25,000 views (so far).

Not quite in the league of popular cat videos, of course, with their multi-million views after only a few days, but I'll take whatever I can get!

But boy, it's painful listening to my bad pronunciation from those days ... (Yeah, like it's any better now!)

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