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Message 1
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 04:07:27 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43756] Benefit for Japan update 7-24
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Thank you to everyone who sent prints.
It has been a pleasure to organize this and handle the work. The prints are
I have 54 sets of prints ready to go to several exhibitions with a few more
I think this is pretty spectacular. I still have a few that are too big for my
scanner and knitting them did not work, no matter how careful I was it left a
line, so I will take them into the museum tomorrow and scan them on their big
With luck they will be all up on the web before the opening on August 4th.

Erin Nolan designed the brochure and you can find it on my website here, it is a
pdf so takes a minute or two to load
It is underneath the print stuff. If you want it sent to you, let me know. I
can send it without the info on the front of the current show. Or we can have
Erin add info if you like.

My husband helped me take the brochures around to galleries in the area last
week and we put out 400 of that should help bring folks in. My local
UPS store printed them on ivory paper for me for half price, so 7 cents. Not
bad. Everyone seems eager to help this fundraiser succeed. Office Depot printed
off the photos from the Mercy Corps power point, all 52 of them for 10 cents
each. I plan to do a display with them for the opening.
I have sent prints to South Aftrica and will send prints to Bend Oregon,
Minnesota, Michigan and maybe other places.
We are having a second opening here on the west side in Beaverton Sept 10.

It has taken a bit of time to do this, but for a very worthwhile cause. Mercy
Corps is a great organization, one reason I like them so much is they always
help people get back on their feet by getting them working. A huge thing when
nothing is as it was before a tragedy. They get people back in business and
moving forward. Very little goes for overhead.

So pat yourselves on the back, you have done well.
I will put up photos of the opening.
My best to all
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Message 2
From: Diane Cutter
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 11:41:15 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43757] Re: Benefit for Japan update 7-24
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Thanks, Barbara, for all your hard work. It's been a privilege to be in this project. The brochure look wonderful! A huge thank you from all of us.

And thanks for the explanation on the 'knitting' problems. I had the same problem when uploading, taking a photo instead of a scan.


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Subject: Last Week's Printing Progress
Posted by: Annie B

Having gotten my three large pieces of birch plywood carved, I spent the next few days starting the printing process. I've never used this paper before, Kizuki Kozo from The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto. It's sized, but it's fairly thin for mokuhanga, so I was nervous about how it would hold up with multiple overprintings. So far so good, although it's starting to stretch and distort a little. I'll see at the end if I can get it flat again or not.

Anyway, the paper is 24" x 40" (61 x 102 cm) which is the largest piece of paper I've ever tried to handle. Short of hiring an assistant just to help me get the paper onto the block, I knew I'd have to try something new. Friends on the Baren Forum had once suggested rolling as a possibility, so I tried that and it worked pretty well. I just picked up the roll, guided it into the kento, and then let it unfurl onto the inked block.

Here's how the print looked after three passes.

I still have to deepen the reflection under the hills before I move on to other areas of the print.

This item is taken from the blog woodblock dreams.
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Posted by: Diane Cutter

'Inspired by Japan - Recovery' - 'Inspirado por el Japon - Recuperacion'
Linocut - Edition/Edicion:  45
White Minigeishi Awagami Kozo paper/papel
Ink/tinta: Daniel Smith Relief black

A large number of Baren printmakers from around the world are involved in a fund raising for the victims of the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  The prints are available for purchase here.  This is mine.  In planning this print I wanted it to be symbolic of hope for Japan rather than dwell on the tragedy of the recent earthquake and tsunami. The black fan symbolizes the honor of the Japanese people, the cranes stand for hope and tranquility, and the cherry blossoms for the eternal beauty of nature.  

Varios artistas del grabado (del foro Baren) desde todo el mundo estan involucrados en un proyecto para acumular fondos para las victimas del terremoto y tsunami recien en el Japon.  Los gradados resultantes estan de venta aqui.  Este es el mio.  En planear este grabado en linoleo quise un simbolo de la esperanza para Japon en vez de pensar en lo tragico del terremoto y tsunami de este ano.  El abanico negro simboliza el honor del pueblo japones; las grullas, la esperanza y tranquiliada; y los flores del cerezo, la belleza eterna de la naturaleza. . . .
[Long item has been trimmed at this point. The full blog entry can be viewed here]

This item is taken from the blog The Itinerant Artist.
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