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Subject: Mystique Series #15 : carving ... and splash!
Posted by: Dave Bull

After a few days 'off' to catch up with other projects, carving resumed on Mystique #15 today. There are going to be a goodly number of impressions on this one, but to try and save wood as much as possible, I combined a number of the colour zones into groups - cutting more than one colour on each block.

Not quite sure how many there will be, but at the moment I have it down to ten 'faces', with I'm not sure how many actual colours.

And because the key block for this one was cut on a separate smaller block, unlike the 'double' blocks used for most of this series, the colour blocks can go down two-to-a-side, like this:


And now, a little sidetrack. Anybody watching the Webcam during this morning's carving session must have noticed something a bit strange. Dave mumbled something about feeling a bit 'hot', and then put his glasses down on the block and took a little break.

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Subject: Dos mas! Let the music play...
Posted by: Maria

These came a while back but I took horrible pictures of them that didn't do them justice. Since I plan to publish the colophon as a book (yeah! send in that info!!!) I really needed good pictures of every block. So try try again, these cameras have a mind of their own sometimes and my eyesight is just going faster than I can say "is that blurry?"

Anyhow, here is Michael Morris from Spokane Wahsington USA

And Barbara Zietchick from New Hope Pennsylvannia USA, award for coolest hometown name!

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