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Subject: Today's results ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Not a lot to talk about today (much!) ... just a couple of little snapshots should do for now!


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Subject: Otherworldly
Posted by: Steveke

When asked, ?how was the trip?? I have been answering, ?great!? but it has been difficult to go beyond that because it was not so much a trip as a re-alignment of assumptions. I realized this on my first morning at CICRA while getting dressed, at the moment of loading up my pockets. Wallet? No need. Keys? Nope. Passport? Won?t need that either. Money? No. 

The movie that came up the most frequently in our conversations was not Fitzcarraldo, but Alien. This was not only because of our close looking at insects, but also because it is an immersive movie that puts you in another world ? a planet named Thedus.

The piece of literature that came to my mind the most often was Ray Bradbury?s 1950 short story, The Long Rain, which I read in my teens nearly 45 years ago . . .
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Subject: Done and dusted for another year.

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