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Message 1
From: Jan Telfer
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 13:55:58 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43608] Re: Barbara Patera
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Hi Sharen,

Thank you for your posting about Barbara Patera. I didn't know till
to-days Baren posting catching up on all the news since my return from
the Japan Conference.
I had kept in contact with Barbara and Dennis after staying with them
in Issaquah in 2001 and 2002 after Bootcamps. I wondered why I hadn't
heard from her at Christmas and recent months but thought she must have
been with grandchildren, not even giving it a thought that she could
have passed away. It is a very sad day for Baren, and her whimsical
prints will be very sadly missed in our exchanges. I will also miss
the encounters she and Dennis had with bears, deers, blue jays,
squirrels and woodpeckers (especially my early morning alarm clock!)
and those giant slugs they have in Issaquah and the photos we used to
Rest in Peace my friend.

Western Australia
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Message 2
From: Jan Telfer
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 14:54:57 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43609] Re: 1st Mokuhanga Conference Japan, Kyoto 2011
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Hi All Bareners,

"Home James" Western Australia now after two weeks in Japan at the
Conference in Kyoto and Awaji Island and staying with host families.
What a wonderful experience. This was my fourth visit to Japan. I am
so pleased I went this time and met Bareners I had known in name and
email only, even after 10 years for some, but how wonderful it was to
meet you all F2F for the first time - Margot Rocklen, Annie Bissett,
April Vollmer, Richard Steiner, Linda Beeman, and many more and thank
you for making me feel so welcome. Even the other nine Australians I
knew nothing of before going I now have another "family" on the east
coast of Australia.

Your print was also on display Lynita in the exhibition, but I was
disappointed you didn't come with it.

The workshops in Kyoto and the Open Folio Display were really
enlightening and the papers given in Awaji also inspirational - it was
indeed an international forum for those passionate about mokuhanga.
There were too many papers and workshops to attend, a little
overwhelming but now nice to sit and read through the information we
have all collected. I am so pleased I went.

I read with interest Baren's exchange Tribute to Japan and how much any
support in this time of crisis will help. Even though we were no where
near the northern earthquake and tsunami zone life goes on in Japan.
My host families in Nagoya, Tokyo and Narita (the Mayor of Narita's
family have been my daughters's host family and friends for 20 years)
have not been told of the on-going leakage of the nuclear reactor -
they have just been told they have had to conserve power - which means
turning off the outside illumination lights on the main office towers,
reduce the air conditioning in office blocks so many of them, even the
lawyers are wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts to work, and some
escalators were non in use, but they still have their comfort zones -
warm toilet seats and food is still plentiful and the rice paddies all
over Japan have new rice shoots and wheat ready to harvest and their
tea plantations will now be relying on the southern parts of Japan.
From our 60 Minutes report last night on our TV the radiation has been
swept across the lower Pacific so most of us have been subjected to
levels of radiation of x-ray potential and it is still in the air.
Life goes on.

When I arrived at the Narita airport, I nearly didn't get home from
Hong Kong thanks to the volcanic eruption in Chile late last week that
closed airports around Australia. Adelaide again was closed for the
second time to-day as the plume went around the earth for the second
time! But....... with my luck I was back at work to-day Monday, 20th.

Lovely to meet you all F2F, thank you.

Perth, Western Australia

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