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  1. [Baren 43577] micro tools (Ruth Egnater)
  2. [Baren 43578] Last call for exchange #49 confirmation (Monica Bright)
  3. [Baren 43579] Dockyard micro-tools (Gayle Wohlken)
  4. [Baren 43580] RE: New Baren Digest (HTML) V55 #5650 (Jun 16, 2011) (Guadalupe Victorica)
  5. [Baren 43581] Gion District (Eileen Corder)
  6. [Baren 43582] Re: Dedicate to Claudia (Bette Wappner)
  7. [Baren 43583] Re: Dockyard micro-tools ( slinders #
  8. [Baren 43584] Dockyard micro-tools (this time with the link!) ( slinders #
  9. [Baren 43585] Thanks for new years cards, tool sharpening (Marilynn Smith)
  10. [Baren 43586] ...........Missing 'Charlie Overshoe' ( slinders #
  11. [Baren 43587] From the Exchange Manager RE: Exchange 50 (Kristine Alder)
  12. [Baren 43588] Re: From the Exchange Manager (David Bull)
  13. [Baren 43589] Re: From the Exchange Manager (Barbara Mason)
  14. [Baren 43590] Re: Dedicate to Claudia (Louise Cass)
  15. [Baren 43591] Re: From the Exchange Manager (ArtfulCarol #
  16. [Baren 43592] Re: ...........Missing 'Charlie Overshoe' ("Oscar Bearinger")
  17. [Baren 43593] SWNS11 exchange reminder (Charles Morgan)
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Message 1
From: Ruth Egnater
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 13:17:38 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43577] micro tools
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Hi Slinders, I do use the micro tools and was able to buy them individually so I can use them all and then I have 3 other kinds of carving tools to add to the mix. Always looking for something to make smaller cuts, and the micro tools are great for that.
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Message 2
From: Monica Bright
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 14:21:17 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43578] Last call for exchange #49 confirmation
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Greetings everyone, your friendly neighborhood coordinator here... I still haven't heard from :
Kalle Pihlajasaari
William Joel
Nathan Hillstom

Not to be seriously grumpy but I need to hear from you ASAP. If I haven't heard by July 1st to confirm I will drop you to the wait list and move those on the wait list to the active exchange. I know first hand how quickly time slips away, with commitments for most of our day jobs, family, and the essential need to create. Please don't put this one off.

Alright, I'm off my soap box... :)
-Monica Bright

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Message 3
From: Gayle Wohlken
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:24:36 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43579] Dockyard micro-tools
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Sharen, which of the dockyard tools do you use most for cutting small areas? I also have bought a couple sets of these, but find quite a few of them useless to what I need them for. What sizes would you recommend for our tiny print exchange?


> Do you use the Dockyard micro-tools? I love them! Here's a
> source for buying them and the wooden slip strop sharpening
> guide to use with them. I like this resource because you can
> order tools individually... The sets often have one or two
> 'good' tools, and the rest are unused.
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Message 4
From: Guadalupe Victorica
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:35:46 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43580] RE: New Baren Digest (HTML) V55 #5650 (Jun 16, 2011)
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Thank you Graham. For the exchange I would like a uniform size of paper for all, this makes it better if someone wants to do an exhibit.Where can one buy a Worksharp?Saludos, Guadalupe
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Message 5
From: Eileen Corder
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:37:01 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43581] Gion District
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Sisters of the Gion.
Netflix carries this wonderful early film by Kenji Mizoguchi.

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Message 6
From: Bette Wappner
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:40:01 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43582] Re: Dedicate to Claudia
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What a beautiful idea to dedicate the small print exchange to Claudia.

Bette Norcross Wappner
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Message 7
From: slinders #
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 17:40:03 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43583] Re: Dockyard micro-tools
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Hi, Gayle,

If you do a lot of lino/woodcut work and like to work small
perhaps it's most economical to get this set of u-gouges from
Woodcraft. I'm glad that Woodcraft has finally made this
grouping available! I've found it helpful to have the full
range of U-gouges because I use them consistently. (I did use
the v-gouge from their other 'collection' sometimes, but found
that with this range of sizes in u-gouges I was covered for the
work that I do.)

I also have and enjoy using a couple of sizes of 'veiners' from
Woodcraft, made by Pfeil.
These have mushroom handles and are wonderful to use!

Happy printmaking!
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Message 8
From: slinders #
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 17:44:25 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43584] Dockyard micro-tools (this time with the link!)
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Repeat of Message 7
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Message 9
From: Marilynn Smith
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 17:59:14 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43585] Thanks for new years cards, tool sharpening
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I am home in Washington and enjoying opening all the new year cards.
My apologies for not having mine ready. The unexpected death of our
son in law has taken a lot of our time this spring. I understand and
have great sympathy for all of you suffering loss. My block is carved
and my tigers are ready to sign, they will get out as soon as I can
manage. Again thank all of you for your wonderful New years cards,
they are truly special.

I have both a leather strop and a water stone that have the grooves
for sharpening the v and u gauges. They work well. The one other thing
I would agree with is to sharpen frequently as you work. It is much
harder to bring back a very dull tool. Use that leather strop often as
you work and you will find little need for stones.

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Message 10
From: slinders #
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 18:13:53 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43586] ...........Missing 'Charlie Overshoe'
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I'm missing 'Charlie Overshoe'! That was the name that would
appear when Barbara Patera would e-mail, and it always made me
giggle! I wish I'd asked how she came on that name!

Has anyone spoken of Barbara Patera's death December 10? If
they did, I missed it. And it's been too difficult to write
about Barbara until now.

Barbara was such a strong and eloquent printmaker and member of
Barenforum! We'd corresponded off-list about Chicago, the Art
Institute, and about gardening, as well as prints and
printmaking. Sometimes she mentioned physical problems that
were making travel and getting around difficult. That was
always astonishing because she had such strength and power in
her prints! They had the decisiveness of mark and strength of
statement of Kathe Kollwitz' work!--and I told her that!

She consistently participated in life drawing classes, and that
gave her a defined power in presenting the human form. She
participated in most of our exchanges, and it was always a great
gift to open the packet and find one of her prints!

Her later exchange prints often portrayed people she'd seen in
doctors' waiting rooms! And she spoke so strongly of death in
her more recent exchange prints that we knew she was
unflinchingly looking it in the eye!

"Crawl Space", ex42:

and "Charon", in ex46, the ferryman of Hades who carries souls
of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron:

She was an active part of Baren for such a long time, in our
on-line conversations and exchanges. She coordinated exchanges
for us as well as initiating exchanges.

For ex39 she wrote comments about being a tree that again
reflected her personality, straightforward, honest, and to the

"Me as a tree?? Though I went for a straight forward tree it was
difficult to make a decision as to what kind. Finally decided
that, given my age, it would be a winter tree and that if I were
a tree, I'd probably be one of those midwestern ones ... a box
elder or black willow ...not elegant... but surviving almost
anywhere.... thriving in the middle or on edges of fields but
equally at home and tenacious in an urban empty lot."

Today I'm thinking of Barbara and missing her. Perhaps some of
you also didn't know of her death. I have her hilariously
humorous "Year of the Ram" framed on my desk now, with his
striped, curly horns and pointy hooves that look like can-can
dancer's high heels.

Thank you, David, for this list and for these friends!

Today I'm missing 'Charlie Overshoe'!


You may want to remember her through her prints, too.
Read her exchange comments:
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Message 11
From: Kristine Alder
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 19:52:19 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43587] From the Exchange Manager RE: Exchange 50
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Hello [Baren] Members!
We've had great conversations and contributions on the format for Exchange 50. After reading and tallying comments and "votes," the decision is this: Exchange 50 will be a small format print (Tiny Print/Big World).
The size will follow the inspiration of Japanese printmaker Takahashi Hiroaki Shotei (you should look him up, very interesting and sad story), who worked in various formats, including a miniature that measured 2 1/8 x 3 1/6 inches. (Now, before you get all upset at that very odd size, read further.)

PAPER SIZE: We will actually be adjusting the paper size to a more contemporary format of 2 1/2 " x 3 1/2 " (6.5 cm x 9 cm).
This size is widely used in many circles internationally for works such as Artist Trading Cards, Artist Cards, etc. Since there are already protective sleeves and storage pages made to accommodate this size, archiving becomes an easy task.
IMAGE SIZE: The image you choose to make can be any size that fits within the boundaries of the 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (6.5 cm x 9 cm) paper.
THEME: There will be no theme. Celebrate the 50th Baren Exchange with whatever image suits you.
SIGN-UPS: Officially open July 1, 2011. There will be no limit to the number that may participate. (We may however need to divide the total number into smaller groups to make printing easier for all.)
DELIVERY DATE: Prints will be due to the coordinator on or before November 1, 2011.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me offlist.
Happy Cutting and Printing!

Kristine Alder
Baren Exchange Manager

St. George, UT

Art Educator/Printmaker/Book Artist/Graphic Design


"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it." --Michelangelo
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Message 12
From: David Bull
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 23:06:26 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43588] Re: From the Exchange Manager
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> The size will follow the inspiration of Japanese printmaker
> Takahashi Hiroaki Shotei (you should look him up, very interesting
> and sad story), who worked in various formats, including a miniature
> that measured 2 1/8 x 3 1/6 inches.

If anybody wants a look at some samples of the Shotei prints that
Kristine is talking about, there are dozens of them 'dumped' into this

It's a random selection from the hundreds of such designs that he

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Message 13
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 23:27:12 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43589] Re: From the Exchange Manager
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Wow, these are amazing.... I really like the one with the sun and waves, such a
strong image
My best to all,
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Message 14
From: Louise Cass
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 01:20:56 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43590] Re: Dedicate to Claudia
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Forgive me for asking but who is/was Claudia? I remember
exchange #37 was dedicated to the memory of Wanda Robertson
who I was privileged to meet and work with at the Vancouver
Baren Summit (06) - it seems so long ago -was Barbara Patera
there ? I don't think so -
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Message 15
From: ArtfulCarol #
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 01:30:53 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43591] Re: From the Exchange Manager
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Shotei! POWERFUL! And one person made all these prints!
Carol Lyons

In a message dated 6/16/2011 7:27:16 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
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Message 16
From: "Oscar Bearinger"
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 01:31:02 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43592] Re: ...........Missing 'Charlie Overshoe'
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Thank you, Sharen, for your memories of Barbara Patera.

Thank you particularly as I did not know how Barbara had been getting along
so I appreciate knowing that, sad as it is.

I asked her about the Overshoe but she never told me :~) I loved her work,
especially those human figures. Your gathering together of her prints is
lovely, thanks.

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Message 17
From: Charles Morgan
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 05:37:46 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43593] SWNS11 exchange reminder
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Just a reminder. If you want to sign up for the SWNS11 exchange, you only have a few more days ... deadline for sign-ups is June 21. Don't put it off!!!

NOTE: This is NOT an official Baren exchange, although quite a number of Bareners often participate.
Cheers ...... Charles
*** SWNS11: The 2011 Southern Winter Northern Summer Solstice Print Exchange ***
Exchange coordinator: Charles Morgan ---
To sign-up, send private email to me at the above address.
Sign-up deadline: June 21, 2011 ... the southern winter northern summer solstice
Theme: OPEN ... any thing you like
Technique: any editionable technique you like
Due date: prints are due in my hands by September 1, 2011
Return date: I will endeavor to mail out the packages of prints to the participants by October 15. Late prints will be returned to the sender.
Paper size: 7.5 x 11 inches, or 19 x 28 cm
Image size: anything that fits on the paper
Participation fee: $10 Australian, Canadian, or US ... to cover the mailing and packaging costs ... Your fee should be included with your prints when you send them. Cash or Paypal preferred (use my email address above for Paypal). If you are financially indisposed and still want to participate, then contact me privately and I will make arrangements for you.
Edition size: to be determined by the number of sign-ups ... typically between 20 and 30 ... to be announced after the sign-up deadline

Digest Appendix

Postings made on [Baren] members' blogs
over the past 24 hours ...

Subject: Mokuhanga Conference Part 2
Posted by: Annie B

The conference began on a Tuesday evening with an opening party where I spent the evening peering at name tags. There were over 100 participants from 20+ countries, and I met so many people whose names I already knew -- Richard Steiner of KIWA, artists Ralph Kiggell, Paul Furneaux, Elizabeth Forrest and Tanja Softic, Susan Rostow from Akua Ink Company, my Cullom Gallery mates Eva Pietzcker and Tyler Starr. I was also delighted to meet many artists I already "knew" from the online group The Baren Forum, including Andrew Stone, Jan Telfer, Margot Rocklen, George Jarvis, Mary Brodbeck, Preston Lawing and the previously mentioned Linda Beeman. Everything was running smoothly thanks to the hard work done by conference organizers Tuula Moilanen, Kari Laitinen, Karen Kunc and April Vollmer.

The next morning the heart and soul of the conference began with demonstrations and workshops offered from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. I'll take you through the demos I saw over the next several blog posts.

I walked over this little canal every morning on the way to Kyoto Kaikan where the conference sessions took place

The first demonstration I attended was a printing demo by Keizo Sato. Sato San (san is a way of saying "Mr." or "Ms.") is a 2nd generation master woodblock printer who runs a studio in Kyoto with three apprentices. Sato Studio makes ukiyo-e reproductions, Nihonga reproductions, and original prints based on works by various living artists. Sato San is Deputy Vice President of the Association for the Preservation of Japanese Traditional Woodblock Printmaking Techniques.

Above is Sato san preparing his materials for the demonstration. Seated to the left is Bill Mathie and, right, Andrew Stone and George Jarvis is standing behind them.

[Long item has been trimmed at this point. The full blog entry can be viewed here]

This item is taken from the blog woodblock dreams.
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Subject: From The Bookshelf
Posted by: Andy English

It is months since I have updated my blog but now I am back with lots of new projects to share. Firstly, however, I want to pull some books down from my bookshelves to share with you.

My last post showed work in progress on illustrations for M.R.James' ghost story "Oh, Whistle and I'll Come To You,My Lad". This has been published in a lovely edition by Long Barn Books. It really is a delightful thing and can still be purchased. It was great fun to be involved in this, especially as the idea became the book in only three weeks! (Read about it here)

The wood engraving from which the cover image came (nicely embossed on the book) is now for sale on my website. It is simply called "The Martello Tower" (see here for an explanation) and it can be purchased here.
Another lovely book that has arrived here is "Psalter Collects" published by the Jericho Press which is now based in my local area. The presswork and attention to detail are always superb and their books always give me great pleasure.

[Long item has been trimmed at this point. The full blog entry can be viewed here]

This item is taken from the blog Wood Engraver.
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Posted by: Dean Clark

The following was received from the Inkteraction Group today. I thought that it was a good thing to pass along to any printmaker that might be interested. The picture to the right has almost no bearing on the text, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to show off our new labels.

Dear Friends,

Hope you are doing well, I am sending you a call: La Calaca Press International Print Exchange that I am organizing in conjunction with Expressions Graphics in Oak Park, IL for the Day of the Dead celebration in Nov. I would love to count with your participation on this project, please feel free to spread the word!!!

Thanks, have a great day!

Carlos Barberena

La Calaca Press and Expressions Graphics invite you to participate in the first LA CALACA PRESS International Print Exchange and Exhibition. This exchange is open to printmakers from . . .
[Long item has been trimmed at this point. The full blog entry can be viewed here]

This item is taken from the blog Printmakingblog.
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Subject: Senshafuda Project - Ain't we got fun! (Part 1)
Posted by: Dave Bull

Jumping back and forth here - between my 'normal' work on the Mystique series, and the Mokuhankan activities. Time for an update on the Senshafuda project ... and it's not a happy one!

Some months back, when I was designing the packaging for this project, one of the main goals was to create something that would not only be interesting and attractive, it would be 'efficient'. By that, I mean that it would protect the prints properly, and yet still be inexpensive to ship. Those two requirements are in direct opposition of course, as protection involves sturdiness, which means weight.

I came up with the 'roll pack' (illustrated here), which seemed to fit both the requirements: it was nice and stiff, due to the overlap of the rolled segments (and a additional stiffener pasted in at the place where the prints are stored, and which is not shown in the photos on that page), and yet was light and small enough to be posted in a simple envelope, without requiring an expensive (and heavy) cardboard mailer.

Well, as I discovered the morning after mailing out the first batch of a few dozen of them, I had outsmarted myself. This photo arrived in my email from a person here in Japan (in nearby Chiba Prefecture), who had just received the package, and had some bad news for me.


I was quite shocked at this, for a couple of reasons. First was that with well more than 20 years experience of shipping prints within . . .
[Long item has been trimmed at this point. The full blog entry can be viewed here]

This item is taken from the blog Mokuhankan Conversations.
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