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Subject: Senshafuda Project - Shipped!
Posted by: Dave Bull

And you thought it would never happen!

I just got back from the post office, having dropped off the first bag full of outgoing Senshafuda print packages. Looking back at earlier entries in this Conversations blog, I see that it was on February 11th that I first proposed the idea for this project. It took nearly four months from conception to shipping!

On the one hand, that's a really long time. The print I have just now begun to make in my Mystique series will be on its way to the collectors in a matter of a few weeks. Four months sounds ridiculously long!

But then, I have to remember that the Senshafuda project was - from the start - conceived as a completely different concept. It's collaborative, and the communication and back-and-forth between all the parties, not to mention waiting for each of them to find 'free time' for this, made the long time frame kind of inevitable. So it probably wasn't such a good idea to start with a 'spring' set ...

But anyway, here's a recap of the past couple of days work ... A package with Tetsui-san's first completed batch arrived yesterday morning:

I got out my cutting board, worked out where the cuts should go, put tape to mark them, and got busy slicing:

As I mentioned the other day, new part-timer Yasui-san had brought over a bunch of the completed packs, so the next step was to put everything together. I don't have a complete set of photos, but there isn't much new to see. I headed for the basement to do the spray glue job for the front 'cover' prints:

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