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Subject: It's evolving......
Posted by: Sue

The sketch is generally only a rough guide to follow and if I'm very lucky, I find the block evolves as I engrave it. Things get altered; a bit lighter here or a texture there and additions or deletions (before they're engraved, of course!).

I think the central stage area will be mostly white with small areas of light texturing (I shall take away some of the texturing I've already done as I like the bold silhouettes of the audience against the white.) I'm seriously considering removing the plant from the bottom right and replacing it with something else Minack-ish. Maybe a portion of the wonderful carved stonework they have there. Or a half-finished cup of cocoa on the grassy ledge perhaps!

It really is a fantastic place. It was created by one determined woman and her grumpy gardener. Below are a couple of photos I took when I went.

A panorama of the auditorium

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Subject: Educational exhibit Prints for Peace 2011
Posted by: Guadalupe

Artists participating in the Educational exhibit Prints for Peace Mexico.
These artists presented their Prints for Peace 2011 and an artist proof in May at Centro Cultural Arquitectura UANL. The final prints will also be exhibited at Prints for Peace 2011 at Arte AC from June 22 to July 30 2011.
Please see photos of the gallery at

Thank you all for participating.

Colin Guillespie England
Georgia Grigoriadou Greece
Hilda Paz Levozan ArgentinaLaerke Rune Denmark
Brabara Zietchick United States
Guadalupe Victorica México

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Subject: Takin' Art to the Streets
Posted by: Linda Beeman

Downtown Lansing; Michigan?s newest art gallery!
And I am pleased to have 2 works selected to be included.

On our 27th wedding anniversary my husband and I attended the opening reception and press conference one block from the state capital building. We walked the beautiful downtown streets of Lansing and enjoyed art along with people who just got out of work and were on their way home. People who wouldn't think of stepping into an art gallery were stopping, looking, enjoying, calling the phone number on each banner to learn more about the art and artist. Amazing!

We learned how the Arts are [finally] being recognized for the economic impact it has in our greater community. We met artists from all over Michigan and learned about their inspiration and passion for their art.

Below is the "copy" from the City Streets website. Please browse the works online if you can't get to downtown Lansing before Labor Day. And don't ever, ever doubt - the Arts make a difference in people's lives!

This summer Lansing Art Gallery is turning downtown Lansing into an open-air art gallery with the City . . .
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