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Subject: Mystique Series #13 : proofing questions
Posted by: Dave Bull

Apologies to those who wanted to watch a 'replay' of this morning's Woodblock Webcam session - proofing Mystique print #13. In the kerfuffle of getting the new microphone set up and balanced properly, I neglected to hit the 'Record' button, so when it came time to turn it off an hour or so later, found that it had been off all along ... But there will be many more chances to come, and in any case, the proofing on this print wasn't much to see - mostly a simple registration test really ...

As I mentioned during the session, the main question with this image is which of two very different approaches to take with the colour mixing.

Have a look at these two prints (these images are all clickable) - on the left is a version of the Toyonobu print issued by the Takamizawa Company, sometime in the pre-war period (1920s ?), and on the right is one published by the Adachi Company, post war (late 70s I would guess):

Now I don't have a decent image of the original for comparison, but here are two other benizuri-e (originals), both by the same designer, and both issued by the same publisher, in the same era. And one of them is even of the same two kabuki actors in the same scene from the same play (although with them seated instead of strolling):

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Subject: Workshop Photos
Posted by: Annie B

Here are a few photos from the moku hanga workshop I taught this past weekend at Zea Mays Printmaking. It was a beautiful weekend and a great group of participants.


We used registration boards (above) from McClain's rather than cutting kentos for every block. This allowed us to use the full face of the 4 x 6 blocks for image area and eliminated the need to work on mastering kento cutting in an already compressed time frame. Even in the short time we had (two 7-hour days), the participants made some lovely prints.

Susan used just 3 block and some selective inking to compose this image of her sister's cat.

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