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Message 1
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 14:07:52 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43274] Re: Baren Member blogs: Update Notification
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Nice... I look forward ro seeing the real thing!
lets do lunch before any more time goes by..I will be home May 10th
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Message 2
From: Le Green
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 16:57:00 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43275] SA Baren Summit
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SA Summit Cancellation

Thanks to all of you who understand that cancelling the SA Summit was a hard thing to do.
Some of the commitments made can't be undone, and I still have a lot of contacts with
cooperatiing museums, venues, and suppliers to follow up on.

And of course, the juried competition at the Aztlan is winding up this coming week, then will start the artist notification, receiving work, publicity, hanging etc of the show.

With exchanges and some major personal life demands, I will still be very busy for the nest 2 months!

Thanks again for the kind thoughts and best wishes,

Le Green Schubert
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Message 3
From: Mike Lyon
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 23:27:00 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43276] Fwd: of interest for artists
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*From:* Karen Kunc
*Date:* April 28, 2011 2:47:51 PM CDT
*To:* Karen Kunc
*Subject:* *of interest for artists*

Hi Friends,

I need to contact you directly and personally in seeking your help. I am
on the international board of the 1st International Mokuhanga Conference
(IMC) to be held in just over 6 weeks away in Kyoto and Awaji, Japan, June
8 -11.
Undoubtedly due to the recent human and natural disasters in Japan, we have
seen that the number of conference participants has not reached our goal in
order to meet the expenses.

I would ask that you please consider joining us, and also to let those you
know - your students, other artists - of this special conference and ask
for their attendance as participants. The level of the program is
impressive with world wide artists, important ideas and topics and
traditional and innovative approaches about woodblock printing that can
appeal to all artists, whether you do woodblock printing or have some
interest in the aesthetic influence. With this effort to gain more
participants, we can take part In a way to show support for Japan's cultural
and social heritage of printmaking.

This is not a form letter......I am personally asking for your help on this
to spread the word and tell your friends who should join us.......especially
those who are in Japan already, and you may know of some artists that should
join in the international effort.

Thank you for listening to me on this important matter.


Karen Kunc
Cather Professor of Art
Department of Art and Art History
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
402-472-5522 main art office
402-275-3382 home
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Message 4
From: Le Green
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 05:10:24 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43277] Juried Exhibition: Relief show in San Antonio
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Juried Exhibition: Relief show in San Antonio:
Email today for May 1 extension:
Mr. Lyle Williams is a well known name with print dealers and other curators.
Having a work chosen by him for exhibition is a great entry to have on your artist's resume.

I hope more of you will be sending entries for the show that Williams, print curator at the McNay Museum is curating. The McNay not only has a print room, it has a dedicated gallery just for showing prints. They are especially interested in American prints.

In planning the summit and a visit to the McNays print room, I had waxed enthusiastic about Baren, and had gotten the curators there anticipating the Summit as an opportunity to see some of your work.

There is NO Theme, the work does Not have to be new, and you can send up to 3 images for one entry fee.

The Tsnami overshadowed the original announcement to this show, so we have not gotten as many entries as we would have expected under ordinary circumstances. That means you have a better chance of having your work chosen!

Email and ask for an entry form today, and you will have until midnight Sunday, May 1 to send in your image jpgs.

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Subject: Hanga Workshop May 7-8
Posted by: Annie B

In honor of the 5th annual International Print Day, I'll be teaching a weekend moku hanga workshop at Zea Mays Printmaking in western Massachusetts May 7-8, 2011. You can sign up here:

I'll be bringing the "bottle prints" I made with my three simple blocks (see previous two blog posts) as examples of simplicity in carving, since participants will only have one day to carve. I did another round of little bottle prints this afternoon, in fact. Here's a photo:


What will you be doing on May 7, International Print Day?

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Subject: Mythology Exchange - Prints Away
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Mother Nature Welcomes Thor prints are on their way!

Mother Nature has been a fixture of our family mythos since our son Will used to watch the BBC cartoon program Super-Ted, with its improbable cast of characters too strange to mention. Mother Nature became an amorphous, generic force for good in our family, like a cosmic granny.

Thor was our beloved family dog who, as all children know, went to doggie heaven when he passed away. It has been a decade since he left us, but he is still fondly in our thoughts.

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