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From: Le Green
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 04:12:19 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43232] Baren Summit San Antonio, Last Call
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Now that you have done your taxes, it is time to sign up for the San Antonio Baren Summit. Where else can you get a week-long studio vacation with 9 meals included for $80?

If you have think you might want to come to the San Antonio Summit, please do sign up now.
Since there is a money-back no-fault guarantee available if you cancel by April 30,
you could change your mind if the 20 participant minimum does not make,
or for any other reason that may come up.

We have planned some great things, and I would like to provide some additional hanga workshop surprises, but I would need to have a minimum of 20 paid participants.

Since I was not able get on line for several days in order to post any LAST CALL for Summit messages, I am extended the sign up deadline for the summit a couple of days.
WHAT: The Baren Summit -- a gathering of printers interested in woodblock printing.
WHEN: Tuesday, June 14 through Saturday, June 18, 2011.
Last day to sign up: April 23, 2011.
Last day to pay: April 25, 2011.
Last day to cancel and receive a full refund: April 30, 2011.

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Subject: Mother Nature Welcomes Thor
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Ok, I like how this came out.  ;-]  Now all I have to do is print 30 more.  ;- j

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Subject: Caer & Angus
Posted by: Sharri

After several weeks of carving (I'm neither speedy nor tenacious) and a solid week of printing, the work for the Mythology exchange is done and ready to go into the mail and wing its way to IL.  Carving the line print on a piece of cherry plywood from McClain's was pure joy.  I think I only had one spot where a piece splintered and took off on its own and that was easily repaired with the fake wood stuff.  In addition to the line block the others were yellow, blue and red.  The final block was for embossing the swan's heads, necks, and wings.  I think it was a successful print, but I, of course, had to run into one pot hole along the road to completion.  I read David Bull's entry on embossing in the Encyclopedia at and he cautioned to dampen the block to keep the paper from slipping.  I guess I overdid the dampen part and the sumi, which had been printed the day before, blurred and ran in places of its own choosing.  Finally, I quit the dampening and had no more problems.  The paper was still damp enough from printing, I guess, that it didn't move.  I confess to cheating - I used the etching press to do the embossing.  It wasn't particularly faster, but it was a lot easier on my elbows, which is what David recommends!  He is just made of sturdier stuff than I am, and besides, he's younger.
Enough good things . . .
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