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Message 1
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 09:16:41 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43081] Inspired by Japan - Tsunami Relief Project
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Good morning Baren

I had someone ask if this was an all moku hanga exchange...NO... it is relief. I
was thinking that if we had 60 people maybe half the work would be moku hanga
and should we group it together in one portfolio.... sorry if I gave the wrong

Please go to the signup page and read the info here

the list on the page is pretty complete, but I am pasting it here as well... we
are at 58 I think so good job Baren!
My best

Andrew Stone
Erin K. Nolan
Carol Chapel
Linda Beeman
mary caulfield
Sharri LaPierre
Viza Arlington
Diana Moll
Mary Grassell
Amanda Gordon Miller
Sarah Hauser
Melea Press
Carol Lyons
Jean Womack
Carol L. Myers
Andrea Starkey
Maria Arango Diener
Bea Gold
Ellen Shipley
Jeanne Norman Chase
Oscar Bearinger
Guadalupe Victorica
Kolene Dietz
Renee Ugrin
Preston Lawing
Andy English
Tom Kristensen
Carlota Santamaria
Gayle Wohlken
Lynita Shimizu
Sharen Linders
Raymond Hudson
Mike Lyon
Richard Stockham
olek wozniak
Cyndy Wilsoyn
Angelo Rodrigues
Carole Dwinell
Michelle Morrell
Ayesha Vemuri
Le Green
Julio Rodriguez
Jennifer Martindale
Gillyin Gatto
Kalle Pihlajasaari
Louise Cass
Wouter ten Broek
Tina Browder
Maria Regina Pinto Pereira
lynne hubner
Aaron Gillette
Eileen Corder
Barbara Mason
Barbara Carr
Mark Mason
Clive Lewis
Margot Rocklen
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Message 2
From: Gayle Wohlken
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:36:44 GMT
Subject: [Baren 43082] Still Tweaking the Tsunami Relief Print Project
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Hi Bareners

We are working on the list for the tsunami fundraiser print project and the official list is still being updated. Margot Rocklen, Mark Mason and Clive Lewis may not be showing in the website list yet, but they will be added. On Barbara's list which may be posted in the digest this morning, it doesn't show Diane Cutter yet, but that will be corrected. Looks like we have reached 59!

~Gayle Wohlken

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Postings made on [Baren] members' blogs
over the past 24 hours ...

Posted by: Dean Clark

This post comes under the heading of a public service announcement....or perhaps a "don't be stupid like I was" announcement. Take it for what it's worth. Do not assume that I'm looking for sympathy or attention, I'm not. I want you to avoid what happened to me.

When I was little, my parents made me eat whatever was on my plate...completely. It seemed to me that there was an inordinate amount of liver on that plate, and to be honest there isn't enough ketchup in the world to mask the taste of liver. Two things, however, came out of that. First, I pretty much learned to intensely dislike things that were probably reasonably good for me, and second, I learned to finish everything on my plate...everything!

When I moved away from my parents house, there is a chance that my choices of meals were perhaps not as healthy as they should have been (unless deep fried twinkies are healthy). Bad habits are a bear! Yes, when I married Susan, the quality of my choices got infinitely better, but quantity probably didn't.

Coupled with my eating habits, I started getting involved in the community (schools, planning commission, chamber of commerce etc) and stopped playing basketball and volleyball on . . .
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Subject: Senshafuda Project - paper sizing
Posted by: Dave Bull

So my 'normal' work got put aside today, as young printer Tetsui-san came over to discuss his part in this project, and for the two of us to have a session of (practice) paper sizing.

He has never done any sizing before (like nearly all the printers in recent years), and was eager to have a go at it. He watched while I transformed my kitchen into the workshop, and we then got busy.

It was a bit awkward for him, because my setup is for a left-hander, but he soon got the hang of it. The sheets of paper here are each 1/3 of the dimension known as 'o-biru bosho' ('Wide Hosho'). After sizing, each of these will be cut in half, and will then be used to print the senshafuda, which are four on a block (three images, plus the front label for the package).

No reason to hide what we discovered - right from the start he produced much smoother and better results than I have been able to get so far, after many months of doing this. I've been struggling to get the brush to move across the paper smoothly. If I stroke lightly it will do so, but won't leave enough size, but if I 'dig in', it tends to 'catch' on the paper surface, leaving uneven results.

Tetsui-san though, had no problem with this at all; just put his arm down, and ... brrrrrrr - right across the sheet, firmly and smoothly.

What was the difference? . . .
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Subject: A Billboard.....A Dilemma
Posted by: Linda Beeman

8:00 a.m., 17 degrees

I have my own billboard. With my art on it! It?s not something I ever thought of having. It?s not something I sought out. But an opportunity was presented to me and it caused a lot of soul searching. Why, you might ask. Well, first let me tell you how it came about:
Adams Outdoor approached the Arts Council of Greater Lansing last summer with an idea that had worked very well in Pennsylvania. Use un-sold billboards to promote art and artists. What a great idea! There minimal cost for the Arts Council and the artists. The ACGL approached their recent grantees with the idea and 6 of us chose to do it.

Now let me take you on my journey to get me to the point where I would say yes.

I grew up in the 1960?s and 70?s. So much was happening politically at that time. People were divided on every issue imaginable. If I could be really simplistic (because I can?t and won?t spend the time getting into it all!) I would just say that people were either rock solid about doing things the way ?it? had always been done (whatever ?it? was) or they were rock solid about not doing ?it? in the . . .
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Subject: This print is looking just ducky!
Posted by: Sherrie Y

Blame it on the wind, I guess. I'm still flopping about all over the place, restless as the air outside. But it's the wind that kept me inside on an otherwise stellar day, so I guess I can thank it for the fine progress achieved on the current reduction linocut. Well, that... and the fact that three of the four colors I put down today involved very tiny sections. Having learned my lesson (sort

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