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From: pejnolan #
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 19:20:36 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42937] Re: Last call for Exchange 47 colophon!
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I am just thrilled in receiving Exchange #47! Each one is like a precious jewel. One of my favorite parts is being able to touch and feel each paper. I've only used certain papers because that is what I know. This has given me the opportunity to see the qualities of other papers. The same is true for the inks and application methods. I am so very happy to have been a part of this, my first, exchange and look forward to many more in the future!
Erin Nolan

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Subject: Mystique Series #12 : not standing still
Posted by: Dave Bull

The surreal nature of daily life here in Japan has continued during the week - surreal because of the incredible contrast between what is on the news (natural destruction and nuclear dangers), and what one sees outside the door ... peaceful sunny days of quiet normal community life.

The only real impact on me here in Ome has been the electrical blackouts, with their associated transportation disruptions. There is a five-day schedule, in which we have a single three-hour blackout scheduled every day (the time varies each day), and two of them on two of the five days. But they don't actually happen every time; if the power company has enough reserve power as the moment approaches, the blackout is cancelled. It's all quite localized; Sadako-san lives only a few miles from me, yet she has had far fewer of them.

I wrote a little piece in the A Story A Week series about the blackouts the other day, and this little pair of photos shows my room at that time. Here's the scene:

And again, this time with the camera flash turned on ...

Despite the apparent darkness in the first photo, I was actually able to sit there and write, by the light of the lantern.

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Subject: It's a Kite!
Posted by: Annie B


The Drachen Foundation sent this photo of the "Blessings Kite" print I sent them for their moku hanga kite competition, now beautifully sparred by kite artist Scott Skinner (check out his great web site, including his collaboration with artist Leslie Dill). All the kites are now on their way to Kyoto, Japan, where they will be shown at the 6th KIWA Exhibition March 29 - April 3 and then at the Mokuhanga Conference, June 7 - 12.

It feels so good to be able to send my blessings to Japan in the form of a kite right now. Ganbare Japan!

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Subject: A project-obsessive personality
Posted by: Maria

I confess I'm "project-obsessive". Once I start something, especially a large project, I just put my head down and work until it is done. I think that's the only way I stay motivated enough to finish. Starting and stopping is just not the way I work.

Anyhow, here is my latest obsession:
I'm planning on finishing the first stage this week. Should be a cool humongous print!

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Subject: I smell the smell of burning martyr......
Posted by: Sue

Further to my last posting, where I extolled the virtues of cutting lino blocks with my engraving tools I have just one thing to say...DON'T! The lino seems to take the edge off the cutting surface and I have just spent ages and ages re-sharpening several of my burins. They were as blunt as a blunt thing and useless for engraving on wood. Unfortunately that leaves me halfway through cutting my crowd lino block and only relatively coarse lino tools to use instead. I shall persevere using lino tools, but it may show in the final print.

That said, this was always just going to be merely a 'try-out' and I didn't expect much from the tough old slice of lino I'm using. It's fair to say I shall definitely buy some fresh lino sometime soon and see where that takes me. I shall do my best to finish this first.

Another little trial I'm having to bear is that the lino is easier to work when it's warm and although the radiator's great for that, the heating isn't on all the time, so I've been using a hairdrier. All well and good; but it does make me feel hot, having to heat the lino every ten/fifteen minutes or so, it affects a lady at my time of life who's already a martyr to hot flushes. Suffer for my art......? ;-)

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Subject: Tweak
Posted by: Sherrie Y

Yeah, I decided the blue was a little too dark. Too bad, really, because it meant an additional pass that wouldn't have been necessary if I'd been paying better attention. So now it's time to get nervous about a bunch of tiny little color bits in the middle of the print. Registration? I think it will be challenging. And of course there will be another interruption before all this is through,

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Subject: Chopping day! Spring is here...
Posted by: Maria

Here we go! My favorite back-breaking part...
All set up outside in the sunshine on my styrofoam support
I told you it was back-breaking...but I'm so short, the ground is closer than the table top

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Subject: Work continues: blocks being cut
Posted by: Maria

Here are the last couple of days worth of work, phew!
Sketch being transferred to blocks by my cat

Willow charcoal to strengthen the lines

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