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Subject: B'day Parties
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

I got a new camera for my b'day.  8-]

We had dinner at Mom Can Cook.  Some pics with the new camera before we discovered the red eye feature.

Presentses (and red eye).

Will and Julie (who isn't keen on pics).

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Subject: Print Progress
Posted by: d. moll,

Today 03/02/2011 I finished 17 or so of the at least 28 prints that were to be finished on the 28th of last month for the Baren Forum Year of the Rabbit Print Exchange. Since I have only received four prints myself, I think I'm not the only one taking the deadline as a guideline. The print shown does need an eye, but otherwise it is done, I may put one of my studio chops on it, or not, I'm not sure yet if that would detract from the simple bluish ambience. Maybe I'll do the chop in blue or some relative of blue. For my printing readers you may be interested to know I printed the white first, then the blue, then the white again and finally the dark Prussian Blue. I will admit here in public, that I'm going to "cheat a bit and dab the eye in by hand. It's place is held by a tiny shape cut in the white block. I have in the past printed tiny pink eyes.....a challenge, doable, but not, I think, crucial.

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