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From: Le Green
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2011 00:57:26 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42843] RE: Baren Summit registration: Will send out invoices this week, registered or not
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The San Antonio Baren Summit plans are going great, except for the difficulty I have had getting a registration page up.
This is frustrating, because I created and ran StoneEMtal's site for ove 15 years, but the move to the "wilderness" of Lago vista has left me with technical problems I do not have the money to fix.

I have gotten an offer of help from a barener (who may want to remain anonamous... Since she really does not have time right now and may not want to open her self up to more begging, I will not blow her cover until I get permission) to get the registration page up.

While waiting for the kindly offered help with this, I am going to go ahead and send out paypal invoices to everyone who emailed for info...
whether they registered or not.... when I am not getting the final touches done on my art show for this Friday.
You could also send a check or M.O. for the $80 to my address:

Le Green Schubert
PO Box 5458
Leander, TX 78645

Participants will have a group show at the Aztlan.
There will also be a juuried show.
More info after my show opens Friday.


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