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From: Andrew Stone
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 05:17:11 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42835] making art and what the public wants
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I'll chime in briefly in response to Marilyn's post.

I've been blogging about my printmaking trials and efforts for almost 2 years now but far
and away, the most popular post isn't about moku hanga but instead: "Pizza Oven" followed closely
by "Pizza Oven, Next Day", two of my three posts about building a cob/adobe pizza oven in the back yard.

They come from all over, China (16 visits yesterday) Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, etc. And god knows how many
pages down I am if you just Google, "How to build a Pizza oven".......never a comment although ´╗┐sometimes they pause
to look around.

So there you are,

Woodblocks, goodbye,
Thin-crust pizza is where the money is.

Andrew Stone

P.S. Although my website is still under construction; I added a flicker link to my blog that
has all of my woodblock prints completed to date as well as my occasional forays in etchings,
drypoints and monoprints.
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Message 2
From: Graham Scholes
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 06:19:48 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42836] Re: making art and what the public wants
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Andrew, If you are thinking of franchising the Thin-crust let me know.


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Subject: Mythology Musings
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Well it's feast or famine around here.  I've got another print exchange I'm gearing up for:  Baren Forum Ex. #48, theme:  Mythology.

My first thought was a variation on the goddess Sophia, or Wisdom.  I envision it something similar to a watercolor I did awhile back for a friend when she got her Masters in Physics:

Julie: Mistress of Science

A start. 

But then I got to thinking of another watercolor I did when our beloved dog Thor passed away:

Thor Greets Mother Nature

I did it in the style of Klimt and patterned it after a photograph of my sister and Thor:

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