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From: Linda Beeman
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 15:38:02 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42800] prints finally posted
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A back injury has kept me from being able to sit at the computer long enough to edit, write commentary and post the 12 Views of the Shiawassee River prints. I finally did it. Yeah, another thing I can check of my To Do list.
I forgot to put the tags on when I published until I saw Sharri LaPierre's post. So, I'm not sure it will get picked up. If not, I invite you to take a look at Someday I'll change that long name to something else. If I can figure out how.

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Subject: Mystique Series #11 : printing steps 14~16
Posted by: Dave Bull

Another application of a blue tone - just at the bottom of the image this time - will complete the grasses:

I think this leaves us with four different greens in the print, although one of them, on the tail, is very similar to part of the grass, and wouldn't really get noticed as being distinct ...

Next is the final 'highlight' tone block on the turtle shell:

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Subject: More Greed and Lies
Posted by: Sharri

Finally, I have managed to take a black and white print on Somerset paper which actually shows the block much better than that wonderful, silky, draping like cloth paper with the white on white Japanese symbols. I really do love that paper - the symbols represent pine, plum and bamboo - or so it says on the label.  Did I mention that the block is 20" x 24"?  It takes a 22" x 30" sheet to do one print.  Also, I found a very elemental system to register that little green "bp" block which was burnished by hand with my trusty bamboo covered baren, so no more wasting paper by guessing where to put that little stinker.

I think this is a strong image, but of course, I have to do some more playing around with it. That will be tomorrow.  
The wonderful filmy paper I am so in love with has white on white small Japanese symbols for pine, plum and bamboo, which could serve as symbols of the many species of both flora and fauna of the gulf who are now endangered in one way or another.

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Subject: The Prints: 12 Views of the Shiawassee River
Posted by: Linda Beeman

Tangled Water
The Shiawassee River has it's beginning in the twisted and chaotic waters of Shiawassee in North Oakland County. A conservation easement owned by North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy protects this headwaters from further development and pollution. Teeming with life under the surface and supporting wildlife and birds, the headwaters is exquisite in it's primitive & untamed state.

Meadow Quench
Davisburg hosts this wet meadow created when a prescribed burn cleared brush and released the seeds of native plants to once again color the landscape. Beautiful!

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