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From: "Ellen Shipley"
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 15:46:42 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42612] Re: Latest print "Goslar Dragons"
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Hi Harry,

Brrr cold! You can be forgiven for not sketching. But the one you did sure turned out nicely. I like the take on the Green Man. Very striking.


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Subject: Christmas Gift from Jerusalem
Posted by: Annie B


On Christmas day my mother, whose home I was visiting, slipped into her office and came back with these objects in her hand. She set them down on the table in front of me and said, "Why don't you take these home with you? Your father and I brought them back with us from Jerusalem. Maybe they can help you with your woodblock print."

She then went on to tell me that she and my dad had picked up the stones and the bullet shell at the wailing wall in Jerusalem during a church trip in 1994. While they were on that trip, an American-born doctor, Baruch Goldstein, opened fire at a mosque in Hebron during Ramadan and killed 30+ Palestinians. From the window of their hotel in Jerusalem, where they were confined for a couple of days for their safety, my parents watched Palestinians throw rocks and fire rubber bullets on Jews who were praying at the wall. Afterward, my father picked up these rocks and the bullet casing.

The little cup is made from olive wood. It's a communion cup, a typical gift offered to Christian tourists.

I was really touched when my mother gave me these items. They now sit on the work table in my studio next to my carving bench, a stark reminder of the strife I'm trying to capture in this print.

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Subject: London exhibitions
Posted by: JennifersCabin

Intensive trip to London, saw the Glasgow Boys at the Royal Academy, , Paul Cezanne's the card players at the Courtauld and Drawings at the British Museum.

The Cezanne little exhibition had collected together many drawing, tryouts, studies etc connected to Cezanne attempting to create a 'proper academy' picture for posterity. It is humbling to see just how hard he worked at it all, particularly as he was considered second rate at the time!

While at the BM as usual I popped into the Japan Gallery and thought you would enjoy the two Hokusai on show. The pictures were chosen as Winter pictures and Hokusai was 88 years old when he did them. Which reminds me does everyone know the little book 'The Old Man Mad About Drawing' A Tale of Hokusai written by Francois Place originally in French (Le vieux fou de dessin)? US ed pub in 2004 by David R. Godine, Boston . French ed pub by Editions Gallimard Jeuness, Paris in 1997. It is wholly enchanting and contains a beautifully simply explanation of woodblock printing.
Have done some monoprints and am trying to get myself to do at least one drawing a day. Have a wonderful year everyone.

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