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Subject: Mystique Series #10 : Printing Stages 8~10
Posted by: Dave Bull

Three more today ...

Another 'small' one - the green on a passenger's clothing, and some fill-in for the distant buildings (these are clickable for enlargements, by the way ...):

I would usually do the cartouche at the end of the process, but as the colour is already established (and it's carved on the same block I just used), might as well do it now ...

And another tone inside the boat - a kind of 'straw' tone ... for the straw raincoat, and the straw basket-cover and hat of the flower seller ...

I'm not quite sure how many we have left; at least five more, and perhaps six ... we'll see.

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Subject: First Project of 2011: A Kite!
Posted by: Annie B

Happy new year everyone! I hope your holiday was wonderful and that you've entered this first week of the new year well rested and with renewed energy. I've been back in the studio since Monday and have put the Israel/Palestine print on hold so that I can work on an entry for the Drachen Foundation's moku hanga kite project.

Based in Seattle, Drachen Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to disseminating information about any and all sorts of kites from around the world. The Kite Project invites international artists to produce Japanese woodblock prints on thin washi no larger than 18 x 13 inches. The prints will then be expertly sparred into functioning kites by the folks at Drachen. The kites will be shown at the 6th Annual Kyoto International (KIWA) Exhibition in Kyoto in late March, at the 1st International Moku Hanga Conference in Kyoto in June, and later at Cullom Gallery and Mighty Tieton Arts, both in Washington state.

Since I've been contemplating peace recently, I wanted to design a kite around that theme. I wanted it to be bold and graphic so that it would be easy to see even when the kite is in the air. In a previous print, I had included a Buddha with his hand raised in the abhaya mudra (see image at left) which signifies protection, peace, and the . . .
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Subject: What I said. ;-]
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Wordle: Pressing-Issues

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