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Subject: Mystique Series #10 : Printing Stages 3~4
Posted by: Dave Bull

Here are the next two impressions. First, the base tone for the ferry:

Most of this will be covered up later, but the portion that depicts the cloak of the hooded passenger will stay as it is.

And a base tone for the river water:

This of course will be covered up later, with an impression to try and make the water look deeper, and a lot colder!

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Subject: Happiness is a rack full o' prints
Posted by: Sherrie Y

Yeah, baby. A brand new edition to start the year off right. Silly me, to think I would get a good night's sleep knowing there was just one color to go on this piece. Also silly to think that I would be able to focus on any of the other tasks on my list today until it was finished. It took a couple of tries to get this last color right.. I didn't want it to look black, but my first attempts

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