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  1. [Baren 42520] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V53 #5457 (Dec 11, 2010) -- Praga Press (Marilynn Smith)
  2. [Baren 42521] Offset Blankets (Robert Arnold)
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Message 1
From: Marilynn Smith
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 17:11:03 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42520] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V53 #5457 (Dec 11, 2010) -- Praga Press
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Hi all,

Just got back online after arriving in Baja Sur Mexico. Wanted to say
that my press is a Praga, gads must have been delirious after the
bumpy ride down the Baja. Or else that trip that included Italy fried
my brain and I thought it was a prego, hmmm. Good luck scoring a
great press and let us know what you decide.

Maria, you got your donation, thanks for the new puzzle project.
Won't get my piece until spring, oh well. Unless you want to drive the
Baja and deliver it. After seeing some fabulous cities in Europe and
doing lots of sketches I have a lot of material to look through for
ideas! Yes, I know I need to scan ad share, now to get a few hours to
do that!!

Barbara, I think you may find the Arizona climate less destructive to
your press than the pacific northwest. As I said to you, my little
tike here in Baja has NO RUST. Check and read the ads, you might find
a nice little table top that you can use in your new home in Arizona.
My husband reads every nickle ad paper he can and any other ad
flyers, he seems addicted. But the bargains he finds are awesome,
like a little press for $75.00, I have seen new ones similar that run
$1500. I love the little one for the small space as it is so very easy
to put it anywhere I am working. I think you will love being a snow
bird and will find the landscape a new horizon for your wood cuts and
other art work. The desert has its own special beauty.

Ahh it is soo nice to be warm.

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Message 2
From: Robert Arnold
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 04:41:28 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42521] Offset Blankets
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Maria, Kelly Paper on Sunset carries the offset blankets in stock in a
couple of thicknesses and widths. That is where I got mine a few months ago.
A lot of the big paper stores will have some blankets in stock.

Robert Arnold
The Dog House Press