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Message 1
From: "Maria Arango Diener"
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 18:28:34 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42515] those blankets
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I forgot to clarify, Mark is absolutely right, those are offset blankets. I
think the kind I have are 4-ply and they are just strong enough to withstand
quite a bit of pressure and sharp cut edges of a woodblock. Also right that
you can probably get discarded ones from any offset printer for free and
clean and cut them yourself.

We don't have much "history" in Vegas (sigh) and thus no offset printers
that I know of; and I like mine clean and cut to size, which is why I
ordered from lggstorage on ebay.



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Message 2
From: cucamongie #
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 18:33:30 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42516] presses
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sorry I'm late to the "favorite press" party, but just wanted to toss into the fray that I love the Faust press which I purchased from Baren member Jon Gernon a few years ago. I don't think they make these presses any more, but I have found it has worked very well, and is simple to use and maintain. And I have certainly put it through its paces! Thanks Jon-

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Message 3
From: Glenna Heath
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 21:02:14 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42517] Appreciation for Knowledge
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Hello, I read the list assiduously and am impressed by the quality of the
discussions about a wide range of topics. I carve and print but consider
myself still a beginner. Thank you all for your generosity in sharing
knowledge. You have saved me from some wasted money and time. Joyous
Holidays, one and all, Glenna Heath
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Message 4
From: ArtfulCarol #
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 21:59:42 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42518] Re: Appreciation for Knowledge
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I can attest to the fact that a beginner, not knowing what can and can't
be done, can discover effective creative ways on his/her own..
Glenna, go for it!!
Happy Holidays
Carol Lyons
Irvington, NY

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Subject: Monumental Collaborative Puzzle Print #3 is in the works
Posted by: Maria

Announcing Monumental Puzzle Project Numero Tres!

EVERYONE INVITED! The City of the World shall be built in 2011!!!

Sign up is open now until end of January 2011. Deadline for returning a very small carved block is December 2011.

Information page:

As the page says, monumental puzzle projects are a collaborative effort among printmakers world-wide to compose an awesome print with little effort on the part of each printmaker.

Basically, each printmaker receives a smallish block of wood which fits neatly into the overall puzzle design. Each printmaker carves their block, returns to the coordinator and receives in turn a huge print containing the creations of printmakers from all over the world.

All the gory details on the page above. This time, in a fit of insanity, I am extending the invite to other groups so if you have your own group of printmakers, everyone is welcomed.

Once more, the information page outlines requirements, sign up form, and all the details.

For those of you who have never done one of these before, here are the pages from the previous Monumental Puzzle Projects:

The Baren Puzzle #1

The Great Baren Cairn #2

Pssssssssst...tell a friend!!!

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Subject: More fun prints and handmade stamp goodness this Saturday!
Posted by: Pistoles Press

Yep, we're going to get out in it again this Saturday at the Charlottesville Holiday Market!  There is the addition of my friend Jenny Swab who crafts these wonderful stuffed animals out of socks, gloves, and old sweaters.  I'm particularly fond of her Glove Octopus stuffed animals!  I will still be featuring my hand carved Cork Stamps and prints of my Farm People along with Holiday Cards and some other prints that I do.  There will lots of other wonderful goodies about so come on down and don't miss out!

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