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From: Robert Arnold
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 15:48:25 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42351] Exchange #47 Question
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Would someone help me out with a question I have about exchange #47. On the
sign up page it says the technique is Moku Hanga and in the Medium
description it says "Woodblock print (hand rubbed or pulled on a press, B&W
or colour, any pigments, any paper)." So if I understand this correctly I
can basically print anything on any paper as long as the paper size is 13"
by 6" and it is a relief print?

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Message 2
From: "Maria Arango Diener"
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 16:21:35 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42352] RE: Exchange #47 Question
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The page for Exchange 47 is fixed now. The page now reads the correct
information for this exchange:

Medium: Moku-hanga. Traditional Japanese polychrome (multi-color) wood
block print - hand rubbed with baren, multi-block, water color pigments
brushed on block, Japanese printmaking paper, kento registration.

I believe it was decided NOT to restrict to Japanese paper (washi) this time
so paper is open but, of course, washi is recommended as it works about the
best for this technique.

So the answer to your question, Robert, is that as long as the print is
produced using the traditional Japanese method described above, not as it
was stated before. Just a slip of the "copy/paste" technique of web
updating, Iím afraid.

Also, if anyone else wants to sign up to complete the 30 participants, JUMP
Sign up page:

Maria, coordinator in waiting


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Subject: Print Week NY 2010 - Lighthouse Fair
Posted by: Annie B

Back to some reporting on my visit to NY Print Week. This year marked the first "Fine Print and Drawing Fair at Lighthouse International," an event that I had some trouble finding out about. I was first tipped off by a mention from a friend, but when I googled "Lighthouse print fair" the actual web site for the event didn't come up until page three. (The SEO problems seem to be partly because the event doesn't have its own URL and partly because the information is a jpeg of the announcement rather than html code that would allow search engines to pick up the words.) This fair is apparently a breakaway from the IFPDA group, as you can read here on the Annex Galleries web site.

Chatterboxing by Hibiki Miyazaki
At any rate, it's too bad that the publicity was less than stellar, because the fair had some fine exhibitors.

First was my all-time favorite exhibitor, Davidson Galleries of Seattle. It was nice to see an etching by Hibiki Miyazaki (right), whose work I know only from online.

I spent a long time at the Annex Galleries' booth poring over their huge collection of color woodcuts spanning many years and many artists. I was amazed to see (and have the opportunity to touch!) some . . .
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Subject: Transfering Cartoon -- Christmas 2010
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Transfering the cartoon to the blocks today.  I'm tracing the same image on both blocks, even tho I won't be carving the same elements on both.  Partly for alignment and partly because I'm obsessvie/compulsive about it.  ;- j

Here's the process.  I carved a couple of kento-like notches in the cartoon to aid in placement.

Here's where I've chalked the back of the cartoon so I can trace it onto the blocks.  Normally I use a pink or yellow chalk, which works really great with black dyed boards.  But I had to switch to black chalk for it to show up on the stained boards.  I just have to remember which system I'm using and stick with it.

I like to carve details like the stonework or the antlers freehand as I go.  There has to be some surprise in the piece to keep it lively.
. . .
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Subject: Illustration Friday: Burning
Posted by: Phare-Camp

This weeks illustration challenge for Illustration Friday is Burning. I think the above artwork is a fine illustration of the theme! This work was one of 4 woodcut images printed atop digital printouts that were then tipped into editioned books. The accompanying book text for this image is ""How About a Little Fire Scarecrow!" ~Wicked Witch of the West"

First I created a collage of digital imagery

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