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From: Lee Churchill
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 15:42:36 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42323] Reprinting Walter Phillips....
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Hi Dave,
Sorry for not getting back about this sooner... but the reason Phillips' blocks would never be reprinted is a both a general museum policy on copyright and, also, because of the loss of original information that would happen. The blocks still have his pigments on them so if in the future someone wanted to do any testing they haven't been interfered with. Also, if I'm remembering correctly, a couple of the blocks have developed cracks over the years and the (even slight) risk of exposing them to water and causing the cracks to grow is too great.

It's actually a source of conflict for me since I'm the person who makes the recommendations on the collections' conservation... I really want to see them printed (because I'd love to buy them!)....but my professional opinion conflicts deeply with that desire. * sigh* The problem of professional ethics!

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Message 2
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:04:49 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42324] Re: Reprinting Walter Phillips....
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why can't the damaged block be recut?
Seems like a simple solution to me

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Subject: Time to get 'visionary' ... again!
Posted by: Dave Bull

This entry - and the ones that will follow over the next few days - will be somewhat long-winded. I will be writing them primarily with the object of trying to clarify my own thoughts on a particular topic. "If you're having trouble explaining a concept to somebody else, then you obviously don't yet have the thoughts clear in your own mind," is the kind of underlying idea. I have no idea if anybody will actually 'follow me' through this presentation, but I'm not overly concerned about that (although it would be nice to get feedback on the ideas that will be expressed.) I won't be directly discussing the current printmaking activities, so 'pass' if you like, or ... feel free to join me if you wish, as I try to work through some 'questions' that need to be answered ...

These days we are all familiar with the terms 'hardware' and 'software', and they need no explanation. But there is a related term that some readers may not know - vaporware. Whether or not you have heard it before, the meaning can perhaps be easily guessed - it describes a product that has been announced, but which does not yet actually exist.

We're going to move into vaporware territory on this RoundTable for the next few days. And in fact, we're going to get so deep into the mists that it might be a bit difficult to tell just what's real and what isn't! Our 'vision' will begin with tomorrow's . . .
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Subject: The Lair of Mrs Magoo
Posted by: Sue

 Here is my engraving space today. You can see the block I'm working on. It's lying on a leather sandbag for ease of moving the block under the tool. That's raised up on top of a computer software manual, which is just the right thickness! The small block next to it is a scrap piece used to try out textures before I commit them to the block. The small grey corner of card is used to protect the block from being bruised by the back of the tool. My tool sharpening block is on the tabletop, along with a nice stiff (ex-stencilling) brush for sweeping away the wood chips and my magnifying goggles which make me look like Mrs Magoo, but save my eyes from undue strain. For light I use a vintage Anglepoise lamp, which I would like sometime to exchange for something that runs a little cooler! And there's a nice cup of tea to keep me going, served in a jolly mug I received from an illustrator friend  in a 'Secret Santa' exchange.

Today I have been concentrating on the plants at the bottom. I've rubbed a little talc in the lines to show them to you clearer. I wish I hadn't used that white paint to sketch on the block though, it has . . .
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