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Subject: A visitor from the past ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Carver Ito Susumu passed away in early 1999, about eighty years old. Although I can't go so far as to call him my 'teacher', he was one of the craftsmen who helped me climb to where I am now.

After first meeting him at a public demonstration in 1989, I had asked to be allowed to visit him 'on occasion' to sit and observe his work, but he demurred, on the grounds that he was too busy, and that it would be a distraction. He was, of course, correct in that!

But some years later, during the making of a TV program in 1993, the producer wanted to include scenes with me 'learning' from some of the older craftsmen, so she arranged for such a meeting to take place (presumably compensating him for the lost working time ...). On the appointed day, we showed up at his place, camera crew in tow, and we spent some time with him. The producer had nothing prepared, but simply left the two of us to sit and talk about whatever came up, while the crew filmed it all for possible use in the program.

As it happens, that was the end of my 'carving lessons', because I never did get another chance to spend time in his workshop.

But the story continues. The same producer came back again as I was nearing the end of the long poet's series, and asked my cooperation in the production of a one hour 'made for TV' documentary on my work. . . .
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Subject: Here is the NHK program in better quality
Posted by: Dave Bull

Here is a much better quality version of the NHK 'Japanophiles' program. After you click 'play' to begin the streaming, it may take a minute or so to begin playing (depending on your bandwidth), as the 28 minute video file is quite large.

I hope you will leave your comments on the program! (You can do that back on the original video page)

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Subject: More from Seattle
Posted by: Annie B

Floor in the Seattle Public Library
Wanted to let you know that you can visit the Cullom Gallery blog to see some more photos from the "We Are Pilgrims" opening and the demo the next day.

It was great to meet some new people as well as some folks I've known for several years but only online. I got to meet Viza Arlington, who has been making some great white line woodcuts, and Brian Lane, the Seattle half of the famous Print Zero duo.

Thanks for coming out, everyone! The show is up through November 27 if you're heading to Seattle for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I love water.

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Subject: Light, Paint & Ink -- Our Studio Show
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Wo0t! 8-]

What a great show! I can't believe how well it all went. We had perfect weather, a terrific display, and people came! ;-D

Of course we couldn't have done it without the help of our great friends.  I sure can't count and I was glad to have Karen to handle all the money so professionally.  Tom was indispensable with all the set-up, and always so cheerful -- even in the face of stressed-out artists.
 Laurie's food was scrumptious, and every time I turned around, there was Steph with a plate of cheese or cookies...even sandwiches.  It was nice to have the waters handy. I sure talked myself dry. (The wine was nice too.) ;->

Roy and Aida and others were all so helpful with the set-up and support. It's good to have such good friends.

And I can't believe people actually came in response to our postcards and e-mail! My friend Pat, who ended up buying something from both Tina and myself, only came because of that last e-postcard. Boy was that a smart idea!  We got great advice from Laura and Belinda and Maria and other old hands in the art fair and show biz.

There was art everywhere. Who knew we were so prolific?! It boggles the mind. Tina and Tony's pro panels looked really professional, but I have to say our pvc pipe and wire mesh panels worked really well too. We'd make a couple improvements to the system, but it stood up to the task (if the label cards did tend to blow thither and yon all day).

 I think we all did fabulously well for our first studio show. I sold a number of pieces -- including one to my sister who called during the show!)  I even made a commission and a trade.

Now I've got to get busy and print up a couple blocks.  And I've got the Loscon Art Show to get ready for.

No rest for the wicked.  ;-j

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