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From: Elizabeth Busey
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 21:05:34 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42179] Re: Taming that Transparent Base
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Thanks Barbara and Jeff! My next print awaits, hopefully with good ink results.

Elizabeth Busey
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Message 2
From: David Bull
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 04:39:53 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42180] Make your own Hokusai Manga!
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This one is (sort of) fun ... Some people have made an interactive
website where you can create your own variants of pages of the old
Hokusai Manga woodblock print books.

Here's the website:

But before you head over there (it is all in Japanese), visit this
site, where you can get a translation of all the onscreen controls and

(Best thing to do is keep them open side-by-side in separate windows,
so you can easily refer back and forth ...)

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Message 4
From: Linda Beeman
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:58:21 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42182] moku hanga technical problem
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This is the first time this has ever happened to me.  I haven't changed anything I do to cause this that I can think of. 
My ink (watercolor) is not sticking to the paper.  I'm using cadmium reds so don't know if that's the problem?  I use the same amount of ink and nori, paper is same dampness as always, studio is same humidity.  The only difference I can figure is the color.  HELP!

Check out my blog! 

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Subject: Bulls, Billy Goats, and Cork Stamps!
Posted by: Pistoles Press

No, Pistoles Press has not died yet! I know it's been since March but I'm still in the game!
There has much that has transpired since my last post. I did finish printing my trilobites and squid prints and had a wonderful solo show at the McGuffey Art Center in Downtown Charlottesville, VA during July and August. I DID commit the cardinal sin of NOT posting about this here. Oops. There are reasons for this though. I do enjoy posting about the work I do but I found myself posting and documenting more than getting the art done. I was really feeling overwhelmed and burnt out towards the deadline for my show. Any artist will tell you putting together a solo show has the potential to leave one frizzled around the edges. But it was a great experience and I stood back for a little while and took a break.
In the meantime, VABC has moved it's location from the Ix Building on Elliot Ave. to underneath the Art Box in the Ivy Shopping Center. It's a move for the better but a smaller space and quite the crunch. I'll have to grab some photos to post!
As you can see above I have added two more gents to the collection of Farm People. The Bull is a suave character in his jet black suit and slick spats. The Billy goat is a dapper trickster in his seersucker suit and straw hat. I love his floppy ears! I've sketched out plans for the Nanny Goat but have yet to draw the cow. I can't decide between a "milk cow" concept or a "brown cow" concept. It's a bit hard to get around the "brown cow" concept when printed in black but I feel confident that people can recognize Jersey features from Holstein....maybe. On the other hand, I don't feel the need to render huge udders popping out from beneath a skirt hem! We'll just have to see how everything develops.
In other ventures, I've applied to do the Charlottesville Holiday Market this year. I've done the Farmer's Market a summer ago with good results. The experience was a fun one and the feeling from the place was really invigorating! I was hoping to peddle some cork stamps more so than the last time. In fact, most of my focus will be on them because they were way more popular than the prints. I did have some problems though. The first issue was that though the packaging was of my own design and was fun, it was tiring to create. I had measured and hand cut a template for a box and hand stamped my logo on it. Next you have to glue at least one side together and then later I found that you have to tape the bottom flap closed so it won't pop out and dump the stamp. To keep the stamp from rattling around in the box I wrapped it in tissue paper. All this creation and assemblage got old after about the 20th stamp. On top of that, after everything was finished and in a pretty display, people still wanted to take the stamp out and unwrap it before they decided they wanted to purchase it. I can understand that but it wore on the boxes if they didn't purchase. Lastly, after a single day of display out in the pretty spring sun, when I got home I realized that all of the stamps that didn't sell were severely faded. I didn't realize how fleeting stamp ink was in the sun! Some of the boxes I had to do over and that was really defeating.

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Subject: Heinz?s 7-inch Launch At Doggett St Studios

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