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From: David Bull
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 01:51:30 GMT
Subject: [Baren 42125] NHK program broadcast today ...
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Hey, can I ring my own bell today? The program that NHK prepared on
my work is being broadcast today - six times over the next 24 hours.

The first of the six broadcasts has just finished, and I think they've
done a good job. Even _I_ enjoyed watching it!

You can see it on the net at this page:
If you have a good net connection, click the 512K button to see it in
high quality, and use the 'full screen' button too.

Schedule is here:
(Check your own time zone ...)

Program name is Japanophiles, and info is here:


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Subject: Mystique Series - #7 - printing stage 9
Posted by: Dave Bull

Just one stage to report today - the other three I did were over on the other side of the sheet ...

This was a 'rough' one - not carefully delineated. It's just a splash of dark green rubbed on the base end of the 'last leaf' ...

I think we have six more to go, but it might be seven, still not quite sure. There should be a good batch to report tomorrow ...

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Subject: West Bay again
Posted by: JennifersCabin

This is the largest white line print I have attempted, approx 22inches by 33inches. Looking at another aspect of West Bay in Dorset UK. This shows part of the beach, cliffs and the boat going out to sea from the harbour. I have had great fun doing it.

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